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When I lecture or do a radio interview I am often asked
about yogurt. "Isn't the acidophilus good for you?" The
Dannon Yogurt company maintains an Internet web site and
regularly posts a newsletter extolling the virtues of their
product.  Here are excerpts from a recent column written by
Cathy J. Saloff-Coste:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

In the mid-1980's acidophilus was first suggested to have
health benefits for humans (1,2).  Acidophilus occurs
naturally in the gastrointestinal tract but tends to grow
slowly when added to milk (yogurt), leading to the risk of
undesirable organisms.  There is no direct proof and no
consensus among researchers on whether or not added
acidophilus in yogurt adheres to or colonizes in the
intestines (3). Few human studies have been performed.  A
recent study reported that yogurt did not alter
immunoglobulin secretions.  These results show no health
benefits from yogurt consumption.  (4)

The one and only rationale for consuming any dairy product
has been effectively negated by the company that markets
that product!  Thank you, Dannon!

1. Jones, et al,(1985) Effect of acidophilus yogurt on serum
cholesterol, triglyceride and lipoprotein levels of healthy
males.  J. Dairy Sci. 68 (Suppl. 1 83-84

2. Nelson, et al, (1984) Cholesterol uptake by lactobacillus
acidophilus, J. Dairy Sci. 67 (Suppl. 1), 50

3. Saavedra, et al, (1995) Microbes to fight microbes, J.
Pediatric Gastroenterol. 21, 125-129

4. Marteau, et al, (1996) Effects of Lactobacillus
acidophilus strain LA1 on serum concentration and jejunal
secretions of immunoglobulins and serum proteins in healthy
humans.  In SOMED 21st Intl. Congress on microbial ecology
and disease, Paris, October 28-30, 1996.


A very observant reader of the Dairy Education Board column
sent an interesting link to the BBC ONLINE WEB Site titled
"Health scare over milk" that addresses bacteria linked to
Crohn's Disease.  Thanks, Anita!


Robert Cohen Executive Director Dairy Education Board 

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