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Veganism In A Nutshell

My favorite animal rights (AR) activist is Bruce Friedrich,
who is currently employed by the People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals (PETA).


When I make my zillion dollars, I vow to give $5 million per
year to Bruce to head his own organization, for this man
will one day become the "leader" of our present
schizophrenic AR movement, which currently has twenty
different cabezas and forty different super-egos. My
speciesist friends in San Juan might describe the current
state of the AR movement as being run by a "mente de pollo."

In any event, the one shining supernova of the year in this
movement is a 67-minute CD produced by Bruce called:

"Veganism in a Nutshell."

It's just $5 per copy, which barely covers production and
marketing costs, and I highly recommend that you buy this CD
by the case for everybody on your Christmas and Chanukah
lists ($2.50 for 30 or more copies!) PETA loses money on
every large order, and if by chance you are from the "other
side" and reading this column, order ten million copies
today and bankrupt the organization!

Read by the author, professionally (studio) produced, you
will hear some of Bruce's incredible witticisms, such as:

"How many of us salivate at the thought of chasing a small
animal, ripping her limb from limb, and then devouring her,
blood and all?"

"There are probably as many reasons to be a vegan, as there
are vegans."

"It always saddened me to see trucks loaded with cattle,
taking the trucks through weather extremes, to take the
animals to a gruesome death."

"The vegan diet is without a doubt, the best choice for our
health... expressing who we are as a human."

To order one copy, go to:
%5Fid=AC170&mscssid= (you may have to paste together this

To order multiple copies, write to:

Susan Roghair, editor of Animal Rights Online,

the Internet's most well-read AR newsletter, writes:

"Veganism in a Nutshell lays out the ethical argument for
veganism in a short and accessible manner. With powerful
analysis of the cruelty, human misery, environmental
degradation, and health problems associated with meat
production and consumption, Bruce makes the case that a
vegan diet is the only acceptable choice for ethical

This one is a ten! Order a copy today.

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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