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Blacks targeted for Dairy

Targeting Blacks With Extreme Prejudice

What is it like to be black in America?

*  The white man assumes that there is equality between the

* The black man knows that there is not.

* The white woman believes that the black woman has attained
equal rights.

* The black woman is sicker, fatter, and poorer than her
white sister.

We whites and blacks now share the same opportunities, and
may live on the same streets and work the same jobs. Our
brains work the same, and our blood, muscles, and internal
organs function in like manners. There is one very powerful
difference between the races.

Whites with European backgrounds can tolerate milk and dairy
products. Blacks with African ancestry cannot. With that
difference considered, it would be hazardous for blacks to
consume an amount of dairy equal to whites. It might even be
deadly for blacks to consume greater amounts of milk and
dairy. That is exactly what they are doing.

Ninety-five percent of African-Americans cannot tolerate
lactose. Pizza and ice cream taste delicious on the way into
their bodies. Lactose is a sugar, and most people need the
enzyme (lactase) to break down lactose into glucose and
galactose. Intact, this sugar is broken down in the
intestines by bacteria and the results are gas, bloating,
and intestinal distress.

Casein represents eighty percent of milk protein. This
tenacious glue causes histamine production, the body's
natural defense against an invading antigen. One's
antibodies result in mucus, and plenty of it.

Inner-city school systems like Boston, New York, Detroit,
Chicago, and Los Angeles have very large populations of
African-American students. In New York City, 38 percent of
homeless children and 25 percent of kids in the Bronx
schools have asthma. Got milk?  Got cheese? These kids do,
particularly chocolate milk.

Milk contains powerful hormones. Rates of sexual maturity in
children are astounding 21st century endocrinologists and
behavioral psychologists. A recent study revealed that
eighty percent of nine-year-old African-American girls had
breast development with early sexual maturity.

Children are becoming overweight at an earlier age too. By
eating growth hormones in combination with animal fat, the
body has a way of listening to the signals of those chemical
messengers: Grow!

One out of five children has attention deficit disorder
(ADD). A recent study in the Journal of Autism linked ADD
with a milk protein, casomorphin. This opiate is similar to
morphine, and it can be found in the healthiest milk from
the healthiest cows.

Many children of color live below the poverty level. The
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides free
food and nutritional programs for these kids. In its lack of
wisdom, USDA has chosen milk and dairy products to be the
major components of these kid's diets. These children now
receive free breakfasts of cereal with milk, free lunches of
chocolate with macaroni and cheese or pizza. A subsidized
snack before they go home is more chocolate milk.

Milk buffers gastric pH so that food in the stomach ferments
and putrefies. Kids drink hormones and act irritable. In May
of 1995, the Townsend Medical Letter listed eleven symptoms
from milk consumption including mood swings, depression, and

Milk is slavery to impoverished children. Milk takes away
their ability to learn. Poverty in America translates into a
billion dollar giveaway program. That gift to poor black
children and parents is free cheese and milk.

Add to that the dairy industry's milk mustache campaign.

As African-American women read pro-milk propaganda in
women's magazines, reinforced by milk mustache ads, rates of
breast cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes soar to become

South African black women eat just 196 milligrams of calcium
per day, yet American women, who are eating 986 milligrams
of calcium daily, experience eleven times the rate of pelvic
fractures as their African sisters.

The consumption of cheese has more than tripled in the past
twenty years from an average of 10 pounds per person each
year to 31 pounds. Combine that with an enormous campaign
that targets African-Americans by hiring athletes, models,
actresses, and celebrities to pose with milk mustaches, and
we find the reason for increased rates of allergies, breast
cancer, osteoporosis, asthma, diabetes, and other ailments
in the African-American community.

Can things be worse for blacks? Unfortunately, the answer is
yes. The latest death statistics confirm that black people
face medical genocide, when it comes to cancer.

Despite new cancer procedures, which include earlier rates
of detection and technologically advanced means of treating
carcinomas, blacks are not keeping up with white survival

As black people are targeted by dairy industry promotions to
consume more milk and cheese, and by government regulators
to eat what is white in the name of good health, they ingest
increased amounts of powerful hormones.

There are hundreds of millions of different proteins in
nature, and only one hormone that is identical between any
two species. That powerful growth hormone is insulin-like
growth factor, or IGF-I. IGF-I survives digestion and has
been identified as a key factor in cancer's growth. IGF-I is
identical in human and cow.

If you believe that breast feeding "works" to protect
lactoferrins and immunoglobulins from digestion (and benefit
the nursing infant), you must also recognize that milk is a
hormonal delivery system. By drinking cow's milk, one
delivers IGF-I in a bioactive form to the body's cells. When
IGF-I from cow's milk alights upon an existing cancer, it's
the signal to grow. To proliferate. IGF-I has been called a
key factor in the growth and proliferation of every human

The latest cancer data have been recently published by the
SEER cancer statistics review and the National Cancer
Institute. For this column, I compare 1980 death rates to
year 2000 death rates. Statistics are per 100,000 of

A cancer takes 8-10 years to grow from one cell to one-
million cells. As a result of increased surveillance and
awareness, cancers are being diagnosed much earlier than
ever before. As a result of increased technologies, cancer
death rates have been reversed among whites. During this
same time frame, blacks have been the target of the dairy
industry and government. Breast cancer death rates for
whites have dropped. Breast cancer rates for blacks have
increased. Prostate cancer death rates for white men have
decreased. The rate for black men has increased by double
digits. The same can be said for colon cancer death rates.

Here are the actual data.

From 1980 until 2000, colon cancer death rates decreased by
a factor of 27.6 percent for white males and 29.6 percent
for white females. Black females experienced only a 7.3
percent decrease, while black males experienced a 6 percent

From 1980 until 2000, breast cancer death rates decreased by
a factor of 17.6 percent for white women, while breast
cancer rates for black women increased by a factor of 9.1

From 1980 until 2000, prostate cancer death rates decreased
by a factor of 7.6 percent for white males, while prostate
cancer rates for black males increased by a factor of 11.6

Lympoma rates for males and females were about equal.
Amazingly, despite increased technologies, lymphoma rates
have soared equally for both races.

While rates of breast, prostate, and colon cancer were
decreasing for white men and women, rates of lymphatic
cancer deaths increased 39 percent for white males and 27.3
percent for white females. Black males suffered an increase
of 31.4 percent, while black female deaths increased by a
factor of 35.5 percent.

An argument for the etiology of these shocking results can
be made for the new genetically engineered bovine growth
hormone. See companion article:

In October of 1992, Scientific American wrote:

"The National Dairy Board's Slogan, 'Milk. It does a body
good,' sounds a little hollow these days."

More than a decade later, those words have never been more

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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