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Q = Quixote Syndrome

Don Quixote rode the Spanish countryside trying to fix the evils of the world by righting wrongs. He tilted at windmills and dreamed an impossible dream. So too do I dream an impossible dream. I am Robert Cohen, author of A-Z milk problems. My dream will one day become the dairy industry's nightmare. Here are some of the things people say about my mission:

"A new advocacy group calling itself the Dairy Education Board, has been formed to attack the dairy industry and its slogan 'Milk does a body good.' Their main complaint is that milk contains hormones, viruses, and chemicals. I listened to their kick-off press conference this morning and heard nothing but innuendo and wild, unproven claims about milk."

Steve Milloy June 9, 1998

"If we required any reminder of the need to defend dairy products, we have received it in the person of Robert Cohen...Cohen has demonstrated an ability to take his allegations and spread them to the public through the Internet and through appearances on local radio and television programs. The dairy industry needs to coordinate its response. More than 40 trained dairy communications professionals in the Dairy Resource Network work behind the scenes with influential consumer media to ensure that media have access to credentialed professionals and understand the difference between sound science and 'junk science' being pedaled by dairy detractors."

Hoard's Dairyman, September 10, 1998

"Is Robert Cohen an enigma? Maybe. What's important is that he knows his enemy well - far better than we know ourselves. I have two lasting impressions. One is that underestimating Robert Cohen's ability to damage the dairy industry is a big mistake. The other is a profound wish that the man was on our side."

American Dairy Farmer Magazine Oct., 1998, Editorial by Teresa Von Wagner

"In his recent book, MILK - The Deadly Poison (Argus Publishing, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1998), Robert Cohen, a tenacious investigative reporter, describes a level of corruption between Monsanto, the FDA and the Department of Agriculture that, in my opinion, warrants formal investigation and action against several individuals involved. This book documents how data were falsified and studies fabricated, and tells how the scientific community and public have been misled regarding rbST, its effects on our health, and the amounts of this hormone present in milk. Folks, you won't believe this book. Robert Cohen gives names, dates and document numbers that are irrefutable. A few months ago I joined Robert Cohen as a board member of his newly formed Dairy Education Board. I strongly recommend that you get more information on the dangers of dairy products by reading Cohen's book, available from the Dairy Education Board, 1-888-NOTMILK (888-668- 6455)."

Julian Whitaker's Health & Healing (The largest medical newsletter in the world) October 1998 Vol. 8, No. 10

"The colorful site delights in describing milk as a glass of 'pus with hormones and glue.' Its creator, Robert Cohen, who calls himself the Not Milk Man, keeps a list of diseases on the site that he believes are caused by milk."

The NEW YORK TIMES magazine section, Sunday, December 24, 2000, p. 38 - 43, includes an article on EARLY SEXUAL MATURITY.

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