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Dinner with the Prophets

Dinner with the Prophets

Imagine that you are the host, and you're entertaining four
guests for dinner. In alphabetical order, you'll be cooking
for Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses.

It's up to you to prepare the perfect meal. Something
heavenly. Something divinely inspired.

In an essay no longer than 500 words or shorter than 200
words, please describe what you believe would be fitting
fare to please the palates of history's greatest prophets.

I will be awarding a Soytoy soymilk machine (retail $159) to
the author of the best essay. For more information, see:

All entries become the property of yours truly, and I will
act as the sole judge of the winning entry. Last time we had
a contest, I awarded two SoyToys to the best entries.

If your effort makes it to the final round, you might even
become a published author in a future book. If that is the
case, I promise you a free copy.

Entries must be submitted by February 14th, 2003. The winner
will be announced on or about the Ides of March.

On the night after Christmas, Lizzy (my 13-year-old
daughter) asked me for a snack. I toasted a piece of ten
grain bread, then spread atop that a large dollop of raw
organic almond butter. On top of that, I poured a thin
(messy) stream/lake of Vermont maple syrup. Lizzy called her
snack "perfection," and that got me thinking, and inspired
me to create this contest.

Email, Fax, or snail mail your essays to:


SoyToy (Prophet Dinner Contest)
325 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632


FAX: 201-871-9304

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