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The Not Milk Woman

The NotMilkWoman's Ten Rules

Had she lived today, I would have been out of a job and
title. Meet the NotMilkwoman, Ellen G. White.

I have the advantage of citing scientific studies from peer-
reviewed studies to work into my daily columns. Ellen G.
White just "knew" milk did not do the body any good. Her
visions were divinely inspired.

I've compiled a list of ten of my favorite White anti-dairy
quotations. Please share them with friends. Print this list
and attach it to the side of your refrigerator. Leave a copy
of these ten quotes at every inappropriate picnic or buffet-
table cheese dish.

Rule #1

Cheese should never be introduced into the stomach.
(Ministry of Healing, 1905)

Rule #2

It will not be very long before we shall have to give up any
animal food. Even milk will have to be discarded.
(Australasian Union Conference Record, July 28, 1899)

Rule #3

When the time comes that it is no longer safe to use milk,
cream, butter, and eggs, God will reveal this. (Testimonies,
Volume 2, 1868)

Rule #4

Large quantities of milk and sugar eaten together are
injurious. They impart impurities to the system.
(Testimonies, Volume 2, 1868)

Rule #5

Sugar and the milk combined are liable to cause fermentation
in the stomach, and are thus harmful. (Christian Temperance
and Bible Hygiene, 1890)

Rule #6

Animals from which milk is obtained are not always healthy.
They may be diseased. (Testimonies, Volume 2, 1870)

Rule #7

As disease in animals increases, the use of milk and eggs
will become more and more unsafe. (Ministry of Healing,

Rule #8

I would recommend that people eat flesh meats sooner than
large quantities of milk and sugar. It would not do the
injury that milk and sugar do. (Testimonies, Volume 2, 1870)

Rule #9

The health food business purpose is to supply the people
with food which will take the place of flesh meat, and also
milk and butter. (Australasian Union Conference Record,
January 1, 1900)

Rule #10

Let the people be taught how to prepare food without the use
of milk or butter. (Testimonies, Volume 7, 1902)

Through a 70-year writing and speaking career, Ellen White
spoke about clarity. She argued that cleansing one's body
would become the first step in cleansing one's soul. In
order to see truth, one needed clarity. How beautifully we
can combine her religious insights with today's scientific
evidence. We know that milk protein, casein, triggers the
production of histamines. After eating cheese or ice cream,
one manufactures mucus, and plenty of it. The kidneys,
pancreas, lungs, thymus--all fill with viscous mucus.
Collectively, the human body and organs become congested
with 3-4 quarts of mucus which result in an "internal fog."

Take Ellen White's advice and rid yourself of this fog. Do
not eat any dairy product for seven days. Not ice cream. Not
Parmesan cheese. Not yogurt. That is all that it will take
for you to have physical clarity. Without physical clarity,
one can never reach true spiritual clarity. There will
always be vestiges of fog to cloud your vision. The
Notmilkwoman waited for a time in which "God will reveal"
when it is no longer safe to use consume milk and dairy
products. Through thousands of converging lines of evidence,
in scientific journal articles, that merging of science and
religion has taken 21st century humans to a new potential.
Join Ellen G. White and Robert Cohen in the Notmilk

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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