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No Bloody Udders in Uttar

On January 6, 2003, the slaughter of cows was banned in
India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. The population
of Uttar Pradesh is 180 million. If Uttar Pradesh was a
nation unto its own, it would be the fifth most populous
country on planet Earth.

Should an entire civilized humankind follow that example set
by Uttar Pradesh by banning cow slaughter?

Life for cows on dairy farms is nothing like the tranquil
scenes depicted upon the sides of milk cartons. America's
happy cows (as marketed by the dairy industry) do not enjoy
being separated from day-old calves which have grown within
their own bodies for nine months. No mammalian mother would
happily accept such a contradiction against nature's plan.
Nor do cows enjoy having their tails cut off (docked) or the
hairs on their udders singed with blowtorches, or being
packed into vans and transported to slaughterhouses when
their milking days abruptly end after not being able to
satisfy a dairyman's arbitrary daily quota for milk that was
originally intended for her calf.

Imagine that moment of slaughter.

After living an entire life on a dairy farm, the fear caused
by a long line of animals before those who await the same
fate of a stun gun, sharp knife, butcher's slice to the
aorta, smell of gurgling blood and saliva, spray of milk,
blood, urine, and feces, while hanging upside down,
supported by a chain attached to one leg, struggling, while
life ebbs away as a final consciousness struggles to come to
terms with "why?"

Although steak from cows is served in many of India's big-
city restaurants, that beef must now be transported over
state lines. The penalty for slaughtering a cow in Uttar
Pradesh will be as much as seven years in an Indian prison
and a fine of $290. Per capita income in India is equal to

The sixth day of January, 2003, was a day of glorious
redemption in Uttar Pradish. Indian regulators raided
slaughterhouses and rescued over 1,100 cows whose destiny it
was to die violently by the hands of men.

Each glass of milk or wedge of cheese represents enormous
pain. Every bowl of ice cream or slice of pizza is an insult
against a living creature who exchanges her lifetime of
indignity for one moment of human pleasure.

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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