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Can Cheese and Ice Cream Cause Migraines?

Fifteen hours after ingesting a favorite dairy product, you
might get one of those "Excederin headaches" that keeps
pounding and pounding so that there is no relief for many
excrutiating hours.

Eighty percent of milk protein is casein, an allergenic
substance that causes the production of histamines (you know
all about anti-histamines) resulting in mucus. For some
people, the result is clogged sinuses. Blood becomes thicker
as ventricles swell with substances battling foreign
invading dairy proteins. Pressure on brain membranes--dura,
arachnoid, pia--temporarily make life intolerable for
migraine sufferers.

Scientific Support

"Dairy products may play a major role in the development of
allergies, asthma, sleep difficulties, and migraine

Pediatrics 1989;84(4):595-603

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Dairy Education Board

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