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Margaret LeAnn Rimes

As a fourteen-year-old country singer, Margaret LeAnn Rimes
posed for a milk mustache ad after performing songs about
broken hearts:

LeAnn Rimes began singing before she was two years old. Her
parents managed her early career which began when she was 5.
By age 7, they had gotten their little girl to appear in a
stage version of The Christmas Carol. Shortly after that,
mom and dad helped little LeAnn to produce and release her
first album. When LeAnn turned 18, she sued her parents to
get out of a contract that she signed at age 12, and she
also sued her father, claiming that she was cheated out of
$7 million.

During the litigation, LeAnn hosted the Country Music Awards
and wore a t-shirt saying "Daddy." The Enquirer called her
"...dyslexic" and asked, "What's going on with LeAnn?"

Apparently, dairy industry advertising geniuses did not
understand family animosities when they wrote and released
LeAnn's new milk ode to "mom."

LeAnn Rimes' latest album, "Twisted Angel," does not contain
her new twisted milk song. You'll soon be hearing this one
on radio, paid for by the dairy industry:

"Mom, it's your Baby
it's you I adore
for your loving ways
and the milk you poured

You'd pour me milk
at the start of each day
I'd gulp it all down
and head on my way

Milk's nine vitamins,
minerals, too
helped give me strong teeth and bones
now I'm singing to you

Mom, thanks for milk
three times a day
Made me so strong
in a million of ways"

We've taken the liberty to re-write the lyrics:

Mom, it's your Baby
it's you I adore
I've taken $25 grand and
am dairy's new whore.

You'd pour me milk
at the start of each day
from those songs I recorded,
you stole all of my pay.

Milk's nine vitamins,
minerals, too
With does of virus, pus,
hormones and glue.

Mom, thanks for milk
three times a day
Heart disease and breast cancer,
my future, they say.

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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