By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text Only


The easiest way to kill a baby male calf is to
separate him from his mother, then drag the
thrashing infant to a ditch and shoot him in the
brain with your gun.

How widespread is this practice? You'll be
sadly surprised. No, you'll be shocked.

On Wednesday October 20, 1999, I wrote the following:

BABY COW TORTURE CHAMBER - Once upon a time in America,
or, shooting the bull with America's dairymen.

The Humane Slaughter Act was passed so that farm animals
would be "humanely killed" by compassionate killers with
sharp knives, rather then by sadistic fiends taking
pleasure in causing pain to defenseless creatures.

Oh well, little seems to have changed regarding man's
inhumanity to lower life forms.

On Thursday, October 14, 1999, on page 6B, the Florida Sun
Sentinel reported the horrible results of an undercover
investigation. I predict that the tape will not be shown
on "60 Minutes."

What was captured on film revealed a dairy farm
employee dragging, kicking, and shooting 13 newborn
calves. The farm was identified as McArthur Farms
in Okeechobee County.

Why are calves born? To keep their moms producing
milk. If calves are unlucky enough to be born male,
feed costs no longer justify raising these darling
creatures for veal.

The state of Florida has decided not to pursue animal
cruelty charges against McArthur Farms or its employees.
The state reasons that killing unwanted or sick calves
is not unusual at dairy farms.

Undercover investigators videotaped a McArthur farm employee
on Jan. 23 taking day-old calves from a truck, tossing them
into a muddy pit and shooting them with a small-caliber pistol.
Many were left to thrash and suffer for up to 10 minutes.

The state attorney general reasoned:

  "It is legally acceptable to kill the unwanted calves
   or sick animals. The question is did they do it in a
   humane method? By looking at this tape, we determined
   that it wasn't."

During eight years of researching and writing about
milk and dairy issues, today's column has been the
most painful for me to write.

If you, like most consumers, vegetarians, and animal
rights activists, assume that baby male calves are
sold  for veal, then you are sadly mistaken.

There are approximately 9.15 million cows being milked
in America. On average, a milking cow gives birth
once every sixteen months. That's the industry
turn-around, with all things (disease, production, etc.)
being factored. So, 6.8 million calves are birthed
during each 12 month period. Half of those calves are
born female, and are raised to become milking cows
like their mothers. Some 3.4 million calves are male.

Are these infant male bovines fated to live their short
lives in confinement crates, raised anemic so that their
flesh contains little fat, while these animals live
tortured lives? Well, sure. That's the way it's done to
satisfy restaurant patron's craving for baby flesh, or veal.

How many of the 3.4 million bulls are sold as veal?

Less than one out of five, or about 650,000.

In 1986, 1.2 million of these male cows were
sold as veal, but as people become more aware
of the terrible injustices of raising innocent
victims for veal consumption, there has been
a politically correct rejection of veal.
Unfortunately, baby male calves continue to be
birthed. What happens to unwanted baby male calves?

What happens to the other four out of five infant
males who are not raised and sold for veal? This
truth is going to get ugly for those who have the
ability to feel.

The major cost of raising baby males for veal is
the price of feed.

A typical baby male calf weighing 100 pounds is sold at the
age of one-week. These animals are fed for four months,
during which they each gain about 2.5 pounds per day.
They are then sold at cattle auctions. If the price of
veal is $1.70 per pound, a farmer will lose about
$100 during the process.

Here are this week’s wholesale prices for veal.

The USDA report reflects that a 245 pound
Slaughtered carcass, hide and head removed,
yields approximately $210, or about 86 cents
per pound.

Dairy farmers no longer approach the break even point.
Dairy farmers cannot afford to feed male calves.
Bulls do not make great pets.

Raising veal is a big money loser.

Most farmers know this. What do you imagine
happens to 2,650,000 baby male calves? Can you
wildest dream approach the true nightmare?

Hint: They are not shipped to Pamplona
to run through the streets and then appear in
bull fights.
Hint: They do not appear on Wall Street, or in
Merril Lynch commercials.
Hint: They are not put out to stud, because
most cows are artificially inseminated.

If you have yet to come to terms with the
scientific facts that support a NotMilk regimen,
perhaps you can examine issues of compassion,
as they apply to your ability to face facts.

When eating your next slice of pizza, or licking
your next ice cream cone, take responsibility for
creating that demand which results in more animals
dying in the above-described manner.

Ninety percent of the cows milked in America are
of the black and white variety. Most are Holsteins.
Some are mixed breeds, brown Swiss mixed with Holsteins.

Drive through cattle country and see the black angus
grazing through America's heartland. Visit the feed
lots and you see few (if any) Holstein males.

This dirty secret is an unwritten rule of an industry
that paints tranquil scenes on milk cartons. Do not let
the public know. There are thousands of "players"
keeping this horror to themselves. A 21st century
holocaust of torture and death, pain and emotional distress,
occurring away from your sight. Even when video documentation
occurs, as it did two years ago, no television station
would violate that unwritten rule which would hurt
their bottom lines.

Your bottom line is to always take responsibility
for your actions. You may not pull the trigger of
that gun. You may not witness the suffering or pain.
You do not watch the animal cry, then die. Consume
dairy products, and you become the executioner.

The antidote to murdering baby male cows:


Dairy farmers have had no choice but to do
the unpleasant things that they do. That is,
until now. I challenge dairymen and dairywomen
of conscience to do the right thing by considering
today's alternative.

There are sanctuaries for unwanted animals,
and some of my heros invest their lives and
energies to rescuing farm animals. Gene and
Lorri of Farm Sanctuary. Eddie and Louie of
Oasis. Caycee and Jason of Oohmahnee.

I have been told by an intermediary (a powerful
member of the dairy industry) that some dairy
farmers are ready to send their unwanted animals
to our shelters. I have spoken to representatives
of three shelters who can accept baby cows who would
otherwise be shot in the head and buried in a ditch.

What we need are funds. If you cannot spend the time
to feed these gentle creatures, or shovel their manure,
or build fences and spread hay, perhaps you can dig deep
into your pockets and sponsor a little guy. One male
calf grows into a bull.

Jason and Caycee dispel the myth that these male bovines
are violent, angry animals, describing bulls this way:

  "They're like big puppies."

Their sanctuary is southeast of Pittsburgh:

Gene and Lorri Baustons run Farm Sanctuary, near Watkins
Glen, New York. They have plenty of room for rescued baby
bulls, and their hearts are open to these creatures.
What they also need is funding:

Eddie Lama, subject of a wonderful documentary called
The Witness, owns and operates the Oasis sanctuary in New
York State. Eddie and friends could use your funds to
help the animals.

I am the director of a tax free 501(c)3 organization called
AnimalSave. I am beginning a new campaign called:

  "Don't Shoot the Bull"

I will coordinate the placement of these unwanted
baby male calves at the three farm sanctuaries. I
will do so for no fee, and see to it that 100% of
your donations go directly to care for the animals.

Should you wish to make a donation to AnimalSave,
please EMAIL me at or call

It cost $75 per month to care for one of these
bovines. That's $900 per year. That's the price
I ask you to send, and the return on your
investment will be a heck of a lot of love.
Who says that money cannot buy happiness?

Dairy farmers have agreed to send their unwanted Holsteins,
fated to die, to a permanent sanctuary. What a blessing!

America's dairymen and women represent the hardest
working people in America. Their values, love for family,
their country and their God are values that I too hold
dear. These men and women work around the clock tending
to their business and chores, sometimes staying up in the
middle of the night with a sick animal. Their jobs and
lives are intermeshed because cows must eat seven days
each week and must be milked three times each day.

Vacations are rare and money is often extremely tight.
Their profit margins are measured in pennies per hundred
pounds of product produced. These hard working Americans
have always felt good about themselves and the "wholesome
milk" that they deliver to America. That wonderful balance
in their lives is now threatened by the Dairy Education
Board. I take no pleasure is causing pain to these good
people. However, I have to consider the pain that their
product causes to an entire society.  To me, these dairy
producers are death merchants and their product is no
better than heroin or cocaine grown by equally hard
working farmers and drug dealers in South America.

Their way of doing business ends with painful death to
all of their animals. Sometimes, the choices are difficult.
This choice for them will be easy. Save a life today.
Dairymen can now do one very generous act by sending
their calves to one of these three sanctuaries:

Strange bedfellows, we and the dairy farmers?
Perhaps, but together we can extend enormous
compassion to animals in need of our love.

                  *Live Free or Die*

New Hampshire's state motto is appropriate the
rest of this column.

The state of New Hampshire has a total area of 9,351
square miles, 83% of which is forest. One woman friend
of mine owns more than one and one-third of those square
miles. Her name is Jennifer Wiley. Jennifer resides on 860
mostly wooded acres in Madison, New Hampshire with her
93-year-old mother, Katherine, and her 28 year-old-daughter,

Jennifer's Email:

Together, these three women live free, while their
tiny herd of cows is destined to soon die by the hands
of a butcher in a country slaughterhouse.

Jennifer so loves those animals, but can no longer
care for them. Three generations of humans live
together with three generations of bovines. These are
not milking cows. Most are Herefords, with a sprinkling
of Holstein and Brown Swiss. Jennifer has enormous
financial pressures, and must sell these cows to the
highest bidder. That means the slaughterhouse, yet,
she would consider sacrificing income by finding her
companion animals a good place to live out their lives.

Jennifer's cows once slept on concrete, in cramped
stalls. They now live in a large white barn and sleep
on hay. The four older bovines have names. Rhodora,
Colleen (part Holstein), Hannah (Rhodora's cousin),
and Kate (Rhodora's daughter).

Kate has two daughters, Elizabeth and Mary.
These two heifers play a constant game of tag,
chasing each other in Jennifer Wiley's field.

Mary is the self-proclaimed baby sitter for
three calves, whose testicles have been painfully
clamped so that they atrophy, then fall off. These
baby male calves will be raised as steers.

Jennifer cannot bear to sell these gentle creatures
for their meat. They have names. Jennifer has tears.
Jennifer contacted me as a result of my recent
columns about animal sanctuaries. Those columns are
now posted on (this file)

Does Jennifer have an alternative? One of Jennifer's
neighbors has offered to help transport these gentle animals
to a sanctuary. We need gas money. We need money for Farm
Sanctuary or Oasis or Ohmahnee, or other caregivers. Please
become a part of the final solution. Rhodora, Colleen,
Hannah, Kate, Mary, and the children will live, with your

These cows may soon be running free in a field, taken care
of by people with love in their hearts. They might also
soon be served with a special sauce on a sesame seed bun.

Contact me if you can provide a donation to help
care for their sanctuary.

Meanwhile...back at my farm, I am faced with a dilemma.
Farm Sanctuary will host their festive hoedown in nine
days on August 4th. There will be over two hundred people
there celebrating the rescued farm animals who live their
lives in peace at Gene and Lorri's farm.


Jennifer may give me the animals for a nominal fee. They are
available for rescue. Her friend, Laura, has a trailer that
can carry the animals from New Hampshire to Watkins Glen, New

I can drive three male calves, two heifers, and a
cow to Farm Sanctuary. Will these animals be welcomed
with the same love that welcomed the others? Will they
live free or die? The alternative is for these animals
to be slaughtered.

What will Gene Bauston do? Gene's recently posted his
latest financial statement to the Internet. I was pleasantly
surprised to learn that the Baustons have raised over three
million dollars this past year, and have hundreds of thousands
of dollars in the bank, working to draw interest. Perhaps that
money can be put to use working to save the lives of Jennifer's
grand dames. Three generations of lovely ladies. By welcoming
these animals, Gene can create additional good will, raise
additional funds, and allow these animals to live free and
not die.

Will somebody get Gene's blessing for this rescue?
With his approval, I will show up on August fourth
with six new additions to his beautiful family.

Will our efforts make a difference?
I've contacted a friend, a producer for a nationally
televised show out of New York. This could be one
very powerful feel-good story. We have the potential
to create a million new vegetarians if this is done right.
Please contact Gene and Lorri, and let them know that
you appreciate their continuing love for the animals:

                       DESTINED TO DIE

 "Fallaces sunt rerum species."
 (The appearance of things are deceptive.)
      Seneca (c4 B.C.-A.D.65)

On the fourth day of August, 2002, they will party though
the night at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York.
Human celebrants will become drunk with the spirit
of freedom at the annual summer hoedown, while
dancing til dawn. Rescued animals will sleep nearby
in barns provided for their gift of freedom.

On the same day that people dance to the music, 27
million creatures will die violently, to feed the
sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers of those
who pretend that all is right with their world.

Yesterday, we were given the brief opportunity to save
seven additional animals. Today, our friends have
rejected the 'save our souls' plea. They have given
the collective thumbs down to our rescue effort.
Tomorrow, the animals that they have said no to
shall die.

Farm Sanctuary cannot provide sanctuary.
Other farm shelters have neither the
room nor the resources. We wrote privately
to them, asking:

  "We have seven animals that we can
   transport to your farm/shelter. Three
   male calves, two heifers, two older cows.
   Can you provide sanctuary?"

They have all turned their backs on the
animals seeking freedom.

We tried so hard to make a difference. We reached
one farmer willing to do the right thing. She
turned her back, for just one moment, on potential profits
one reccives by treating living breathing sentient creatures
as agricultural units. She was prepared to turn away from
about $6,000, for that is what her living commodities will
now generate, in real income.

The basic formula required three components. Donor plus
recipient equals sanctuary. There was a universal balance
of wisdom to this equation. We provided the most difficult
factor, a ready, willing, and able donor. With no recipient,
there can never be sanctuary.

One courageous woman was willing to sacrifice needed
dollars for her family, and instead offered her
love and the future of her animals to the wonderful
people who oversee farm sanctuaries. The wonderful
people who have now run out of room, and can no
longer save additional lives. They can no longer
rescue abused and unwanted farm creatures. There is
no room on this planet for unwanted aniamls. There
is only the final solution. Death.

Gene and Lorri and Farm Sanctuary have told this
woman that there is no space on their sanctuary
for her cows. Their fields are alive with the sound
of music. I hear the second movement of Beethoven's
seventh symphony. A funeral march. A tribute to dead
soldiers. Other sanctuaries have responded in similar
fashion. Instead, she will be selling those creatures
by traditional means this week. They will all end up
in slaughtehouses.

There is no longer an alternative. The baby bull calves
and the mother cows will become ribs and veal and hamburger.
The heifers will soon become milking cows, and future
generations of their own offspring will be taken away
to be castrated, or shot, or sold as veal, or to
be milked and continue the animal abuse that represents
America's farm industry.

There is always a home for a cute pure bred dog.
The mixed breeds will die. The sheltered pit bulls
will be euthanized. The unloved strays will wag their
tails and bark greetings of welcome to shelter visitors.
Visit your local animal shelter today, and walk down
the aisles as I recently did, saying hello and goodbye
to living spirits seeking love. To animals who will
forever be orphans, until death do they part from the
cruelty of their existance.

The rats from animal experiments, when no longer needed,
are thrown together into a bucket and doused with ether, or
injected with sodium pentabarbitol, en masse, to die huddled
together, body to body, in their final resting place.

The baby male chicks are given no painkillers before the
life is crushed out of them in efficient killing machines.

The furs that humans wear are skin peeled from once-feeling
animals who have been anally electrocuted so that skin
remains unscarred.

The horses that lose race after race get no pills to calm
them before being stunned more than once, for one blow rarely
brings them to their knees, before being hoisted by chains
so that a man's knife can end memories of racing around
oval tracks to cheering humans.

The chickens and turkeys, one by one, throats slit, hung
upside down to squak their dying words in gurgling blood

The elephants prodded with sharp-hooked tools, made to stand
awkwardly on small stools while children applaud with glee.
The castrated dancing bears bring delight to naive circus
patrons who have no awareness of their pain, before and
after the performance.

The rodeo calves and animals who run in terror as
galloping cowboys lasso ropes around their necks
and then bind their legs, giving confused animals
the opportunity to ask why.

There is no rescue. There is no sanctuary. There
is only truth. There is only reality.

We pass laws to make slavery more compassionate, and
the slavery continues. We dance to celebrate passage
of those laws, and in doing so, deceive the animals
and deceive ourselves.

We raise money to lobby Congress to pass laws
making slaughter more compassionate, as if there
can ever be justice by sanitizing murder.

In yesterday's mail we received a letter from Farm
Sanctuary. Lorri and Gen Bauston wrote:

  "Most people don't care about farm animals...

  "Farm animals have no laws to protect them,
   no voice to speak out, and will suffer silently
   without our help.

  "We're counting on you to help us turn the tide...

  "Farm Sanctuary has a chance to deliver justice
   for farm animals...

  "These battles are hard. They take an investment
   of time and resources, but they must be fought.

  "We - and farm animals across the country - need
   your support today.

  "Each dollar you contribute will fight for a
   farm animal's life. Farm animals have no other
   defense - and they need you now.

  "...your help will ensure that ALL animals are
   protected from cruelty..."
From: Jason Tracy
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 10:53:24 -0400

Hello Robert -
Unfortunately OohmahNee is to capacity both physically
and financially stressed at this time...we have continually
answered the demand for farmed animal sanctuary when other
sanctuaries (that have very impressive funding and acreage
I might add) have repeatedly directed calls to our sanctuary
.......OohmahNee saved the lives of thirty veal calves on the way
to slaughter in July of 2000 and contacted every accredited
sanctuary in the hopes of placing the rescued calves in good
homes...only one sanctuary helped out and adopted two. We are
now faced with feeding a herd of thirty five cows and on a
shoestring budget...we are desperately trying to raise funds
to build a barn big enough for the cows we do have since our
original cow barn is too small...We need enough money for a
big barn to be built ($30,000), money for more grazing land
($60,000), and enough members and supporters to cover the
annual cost of feeding and veterinary care of the cows ($60
dollars a day is the price for the two round bales of timothy
hay which they entirely consume in a 24 hr period). OohMahNee
would gladly help if we had the resources but we remain hopeful
that the national groups that have sanctuaries and several
million dollar annual budgets will utilize their well deserved
resouces to keep their promises they made to their donors and
most importantly the enslaved animals. I assure you that if and
when OohMahNee reaches that status of financial security ONLY
THE ANIMALS will benefit. Perhaps there should be a fund
established by the multi million dollar sanctuaries to ensure
that smaller grassroots sanctuaries can evolve and that the
funding is not monopolized by any one entity since the animals
need sanctuaries in every state. - Have you tried Farm Sanctuary???

During the recent Animal Rights 2002 convention in
Washington, D.C., I was given the opportunity to
address 700-800 activists. I approached the podium
with mixed feelings. I was emotional, and many
themes ran through my head, but there was a film
crew finishing up the fourth day of their NotMilk
documentary, so I tempered my temper. I had no
idea exactly what I would say, or how I would
communicate my sentiments.
NOTE: A talk is delivered in a different style than a
written essay. There are errors that I would have
liked to edit, but here follows a verbatim transcript.

My talk:

Tonight, we're talking about turning compassion into
action, and I want to change the terminology a bit.

I want to warn us all about turning passion into
inaction, because I've seen too much of it.

Two years ago, before the election cycle, I was lucky
enough - it's a real big ego boost, to have three hundred
dairy farmers give the NotMilkman a standing ovation, and
that's what happened when I lectured in Washington with
Ralph Nader about genetic engineering and biotechnology -
taking an anti-stance to farmers who are also against
genetic engineering.

Imagine...if I go to one of their conferences, you are
never going to have me applaud a cheesehead, it just
isn't ever going to happen. I will sit in the audience
and maybe be the only one sitting there not applauding
whatever they have to say. I am anti-milk one hundred
percent, and the abuse that occurs to these animals.

Last night, I had a very interesting perspective because
I sat right next to Lorraine who is from the other side,
and next to a man, Dan Murphy, who is the editor of a
pro-meat magazine. I love to play poker. I'm a good poker
player because I watch people's faces, and over the course
of an evening's play, I watch tells, I watch faces, I
watch eyes, I watch fingers, I watch tapping on the table,
and blinking, and I know what they're holding by the end of
the evening.

I watched the man very carefully. When he applauded, they
applauded. He was the leader of the group. When he smiled,
they smiled, and there's two things that really disturb me.
One is...were you here to hear Ingrid Newkirk's speech? It
was magnificent (APPLAUSE). It was the single best speech
that I have ever heard in my life. As a matter of fact, it
is the only time that I've gone and bought somebody's tape
(LAUGHTER) this morning. It's worth sharing with
somebody--a great speech.

But what disturbed me was this man gave her a standing
ovation. He stood and applauded...with enthusiasm. And
earlier in the evening, we got some questions to ask,
and this has to be a defining moment in our movement.
His answer. One word answer. Do you know what he said
to the question? He said "yes," and the question was
"Are you guys producing more meat for consumption?"
Isn't that disturbing? The answer is yes. Does that mean
that something that we're doing is not working?

I left last year's AR-2001 with a great amount of emotion,
with mixed feelings because, on one hand, everybody stood
and applauded after Wendy's when one man was arrested. This
man made a movie about pigs and it was wonderful. It was a
wonderful feeling, and shortly thereafter Wendy's changed
their policy thanks to the People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals and others and our actions. Wendy's announced
that they were going to support more compassionate raising
of chickens.

For God sakes, these poor birds are allotted eight by eight
inches of floor area, and PETA got a great victory. They
gave them 8 and a half by 8 and a half. Now come on, that's
not a victory to me. Is that a victory to you? (APPLAUSE)

As Ingrid spoke last night, and I sat in the front row,
and I was watching these people...I imagined...I love Ingrid,
I really love Ingrid. Her book, Free The Animals was an
enormous inspiration. That's why I'm here tonight. That's
why I rescued my dog. That's why I am writing about animal
rights issues, and it's why I do from five o'clock in the
morning until midnight or later, seven days a week.

That's why I do what I do, researching the lies that come
from the other side. But, boy, oh boy, I just for a second-
just imagined after Ingrid spoke, and we were applauding, I
imagined a pig following, and coming up, and putting his
forelegs up here and saying..."But I'm still going to die."

Compassionate slaughter? I reject compassionate slaughter.
I hate compassionate slaughter. I had an Internet chat with
a woman of Islamic faith who said to me,

"Allah is perfect. We have Halal slaughter, and we
measure their pain, and there is no pain. These
animals feel no pain. They die. Allah is perfect.
He wouldn't allow the pain. These animals die."

If you think that they don't have pain - if you think
that we're going to lobby Congress and get them to pass
laws, what are the laws accomplishing? They're telling
Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Jones that it's okay to eat meat.
I reject Ingrid's statement that we have to go from
A to R and then from R to Z. (APPLAUSE)

We're telling them that eating meat is cool, and you
know what else? Our own movement - I'm looking at
vegetarian web sites and vegetarian newsletters and
vegetarian magazines and newspapers and I'm reading
articles that say we have to get the calcium, that
meat eaters have better bone density than vegetarians.

When I look at the studies, I know what phonies they are.
My life's work. I used to do research. I ran a lab. I've
held death in my hands. I know how to read scientific studies.
I taught statistics. I know how to work with the numbers.
I get the original studies. I look at their faces. I talk
to scientists. I know how flawed these studies are.

In 1997, the Journal of the American Medical Association
hosted a nutritional conference, a conference that was
sponsored by, guess who? The dairy industry. And in 1998,
Peter Holt's September 23rd - go to the library and look
this study up - September 23 in JAMA. Peter Holt did a study
about colon cancer, and said that people who eat low fat
cheese don't get colon cancer, and what did he do? He
measured over a five year period - he gave free low fat
cheese to people over a five year period and there was a
tiny - not even a statistical difference that was
significant. A millimeter of growth more for the people
who didn't eat the cheese. A millimeter of cellular
proliferation, and the dairy industry has been using that,
since the study was published in 1998 to say that drinking
milk prevents colon cancer.

I went to one of the junior authors of that study and said
"What happened between 1995 when the study ended and 1998,"
and I learned that the people who actually ate the cheese
got the colon cancer.

That issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association
contains one of the great commentaries. That's really comedy,
and not science, because the cellular proliferation AND GROWTH -
an additional doctor wrote an editorial called "Proliferation
Happens," like shit happens, criticizing that study. You can
get the article. They knew it was a fraudulent study, and nobody
else in America reported it. When I saw the study - you know how
I learned about it? Reading the press releases put out by the
dairy industry learning that they had a press conference set for
the Plaza Hotel in New York, and that week every newspaper in
America reported: "Drinking milk prevents colon cancer."

TVs and radios and magazines repeated...and I went on
the New York stations and said "The study was a fraud."
I got in the way of them to show that it was exactly
the opposite. And study after study, that's what these
people do.

Recently, I wrote about a study in Denmark, Annette
Hjartaker, breast cancer - saying that drinking milk as
a child prevents breast cancer. This study was so
significantly flawed, and people within our own movement
have been attacking me for it, I don't know where this is
coming from, and there's something wrong. We're getting
the message that you've got to have Vitamin B-12.
That being a vegan does not work. You're not healthy if
you don't get Vitamin B-12 which comes from rendered animal
intestines from the bacteria that grow within. You're flawed
if you don't take calcium pills. We're not getting
enough calcium, we're not getting enough protein. Something's

They're giving us a message that being vegetarian or vegan is
not healthy. Our own people. You see somebody giving you that
advice, that being a vegan does not stand on its own, go into
your organic garden and pick a carrot and you're going to get
all the Vitamin B-12 you need. Doctors take your vitamin
B-12 measurements from your bloodstream when it's stored
in the liver, not in the bloodstream.

And they say you have very low levels of Vitamin B-12 compared
to meat eaters. You shouldn't have any, according to their
theory. You've got to take these pills? That's not the way it

When we get organizations that tell us that we are going
to get these animals slaughtered compassionately, I scratch
my head and I wonder, and I ask everybody the same
damned question:

"Is there too much violence on television? Tell me,

Geez, you're all wrong. No! There's not enough violence
on television, because when we see somebody die, bang,
you're dead, they fall over, that's it, in real life,
ouch, it hurts. Ouch, it hurts for a long time. It takes
ten minutes to die, and during that period, twenty square
feet are filled with blood.

I want people to see that. I want people to see
un-compassionate slaughter. I want them to see what it's
really like. That's our responsibility. Our responsibility
is to take this message. More people are eating meat, and
what we're doing isn't working.

So, take that compassion and turn it into passion and let
the world know that we don't believe in compassionate slaughter.
We don't believe in any slaughter. These animals are dying,
partially, because of some of our misdirected efforts. We've
got to make the effort to say that no animal deserves to die.

Buy two books today. One is Eternal Treblinka, which will
have you crying, and the other is Ingrid's Free the Animals,
and get Ingrid to get back to the original message. Thank you.

Philosophers sometimes lack a touch of the practical.
Animal Rights philosophers rarely follow the evolution
of the animal rights movement to its logical conclusion.
We cannot provide sanctuary for every farm animal.
Despite the wonderful feel-good work of the good people
at Farm Sanctuary, these rescued animals should not
have been born to this earth. The logical conclusion of
our so-called animal rights movement is that these sentient
creatures should never to be born to suffer. Either we let
them die a natural death, which is not practical, or we hold
them in our arms, giving comfort, as we euthanize them.

The creatures living out their lives at farm sanctuaries
are mere ambassadors representing ten billion other
animals who will die this year to feed Americans.
Twenty-seven million animals each day having their
throats cut. During the time that it will take you
to read this paragraph, over fifteen thousand animals
will die. Read the preceding sentence aloud. Fifteen
hundred chickens have had their throats slashed,
and lay flapping atop each other, choking on their
own blood. Should not every American have the
opportunity to view that same horrible carnage that
we know all to well, over and over again? Does it
really matter that each chicken spends her life in
a larger confinement cage?

Save these animals? For what, one might ask? Farm turkeys
and pigs can no longer copulate. Males are too large to
mount females. Farm "units" have been bred for high protein
yield and low bone density. They live lives of pain because
their skeletons cannot adequately support their own weight.
The compassionate among us would recognize that ending their
pain is the ultimate conclusion for all who truly care
about suffering. These artificial creatures should never
have been engineered nor born.

Today, the animal rights movement is misdirected. We delude
ourselves by promoting compassionate slaughter. We make it
easy for these animals to live their lives to their own painful
and tortured conclusions. We make it easy for meat consumers
to veil their collective consciousness. Have you taken note
of the fact that meat eating is increasing? Our misguided
efforts are partially responsible.

Once upon a time, a chicken spent her life in an area
that was eight inches long by eight inches wide. We have
increased her border by one-half inch, and dance our
absurd victory, patting ourselves on the back, applauding
organizations taking false credit for making meaningless
differences. What good has resulted from such efforts?

We in the movement have made the journey of transition more
challenging for meat eaters. We have arrived where we now are,
vegans all, by recognizing the horror of slaughter. Groups like
the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, Humane Society,
and Farm Sanctuary lobby Congress to change laws making it
easier for animals to die. Their laws make it easier for
farmed freaks to live longer lives of pain, with the
same ultimate conclusion. Their laws relieve the consciences of

We on this side of the fence should make it our priority
to show the meat-eating public exactly what slaughterhouses
produce. The blood. The eyes showing fear, and then pain.

Our strategy to relieve suffering relieves a universal
conscience. The same strategy that brought us to understand
death through violence should be intensified, not lessened.
If all animals must die, then all animal eaters must take
responsibility for their own participation in the slaughter.
Our current strategy is to deny them their path to truth.
In doing so, we provide a rationale for increased meat
consumption. If the animals do not suffer, meat eaters
reason, then there is no reason not to eat them.

Here is what we can do.

When King James of England assembled the greatest scholars
of his time to re-write the Bible, his effort resulted
in a masterful rendition of two important testaments.

When Thomas Jefferson defined the reasons for the American
Revolution in his 1773 essay regarding his summary view
of the rights of British America, our founding fathers
determined that the time had come to declare our unity by
creating a new generation of change. The American Declaration
of Independence resulted, and led to a Constriction of laws
which made America great.

Jefferson had written:

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the
accidental opinion of a day; but a series of
oppressions, begun at a distinguished period,
and pursued unalterably through every change
of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate
and systematical plan of reducing us to slavery."

So too, do farm animals, laboratory animals, circus
and rodeo animals live in a time of deliberate tyranny
which reduces them, and all who abuse them, to slavery.
So too, should those in the animal rights movement come
together, and meet in one large assembly hall. We should
allow each voice the opportunity, as eloquently as can
be stated, to declare his or her own philosophy in
regards to animal abuse and animal rights. The words
should be duly noted, and recorded, and three documents
should be drafted, and subsequently signed by those men
and women of courage who must work together in one spirit
and in one voice. We need to draft a universally accepted
declaration of animal rights. We need to draft a new
constitution which all animal rights groups agree to
uphold. Finally, we need to draft a set of protocols,
including standard operating procedures, which govern the
procedures by which animal rights organizations conduct
their actions, passions, and behaviors.

It would be my suggestion to conduct this assembly during
a one-week series of meetings. There would be a formal
agenda in which all men and women of conscience be given
the opportunity to make one or more short presentations
(five minute duration or less) to the assembly.

Let us all be inspired by the words of Bryce Courtenay,
from The Power of One:

"Changes can come from the power of many, but
only when the many come together to form that
which is invincible...the power of one."


I am a vegan, and only eat one animal, the schmoo.
I eat schmoos with relish! Yummm, delicious.

Schmoo fans know that these creatures lay eggs, give milk,
and immediately die of pleasure when a human looks at them
while wondering how good they will taste. If you saute
filet of schmoo in olive oil, it tastes just like chicken.
Broil a schmoo steak and it has the same texture and taste
as filet mignon. Schmoos live to give happiness to humans,
and I feel no guilt in admitting that I eat them, because
that is their dying wish.

Schmoos were actually invented by cartoonist Al Capp,
innovative satirist and father of L'il Abner, Ma and
Pa Yokum, Daisy May, and Dogpatch, USA. So, there is
really no such thing as a schmoo, and I really don't
eat them, but I sometimes wonder if animal rights activists
would do so if that was actually the Schmoo's pleasure...
which brings me to an enormous philosophical (and practical)

Do the actions of animal rights activists have an
effect on meat and poultry consumption?

Absolutely, but the effect is inversely proportional to
animal rights passions. The greater one protests, the
more meat is consumed. Sound crazy? It is, and it's true.

At the recent animal rights convention in Washington,
D.C. (AR-2002), Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns
was elected into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame. She
must be doing something right to garner such an honor,
right? Wrong. If Karen and others like her were winning
the "good fight," chicken consumption would not have
increased 5% during the past twelve months. You heard
me. Five percent!

Consumer opinions reflect the sad fact that
animal rights issues play little role in
determining vegetarian lifestyles.

An online poll of 10,007 adult Americans describing
themselves as vegetarians (taken for TIME/CNN between
April 5-9, 2002) revealed that concerns for animal
rights played little role in what people eat.
Among questions and responses:

  "What was your most important reason for
   becoming a vegetarian?

10% answered "Animal rights."

  "Do you consider the slaughter of animals
   to be murder?"

58% answered no.

Actual food consumption values confirm the
ineffective messages being marketed by
animal rights activists.

In 1991, the average American ate 62.9 pounds of
beef. That number remained the same during 2001.
This year, the average American will eat 63.7 pounds
of beef.

In 1991, the average American ate 62.0 pounds of
chicken. By 2001, throughout a decade of protest
and countless Disney rescue movies to the contrary, the
average American ate 23% more chicken. In 2001, the
per capita consumption of chicken soared to 76.5 pounds.
>From 2001 to 2002, chicken consumption increased an
additional five percent to 80.3 pounds per individual.

1991 beef & chicken consumption = 124.9 pounds
2001 beef & chicken consumption = 139.4 pounds
2002 beef & chicken consumption = 144.0 pounds

(These statistics were obtained from David Harvey
 of the United States Department of Agriculture)

During the past eleven years of animal rights activism,
there has been a total increase for beef and chicken
consumption equal to 15.3%.

This past year, numerous laws have been passed to
guarantee compassionate animal slaughter. Such laws
relieve the consciences of those people who eat
dead animals. As farm animals are treated better,
rates of beef and poultry consumption increase.

In just this past year, from 2001-2002, beef and
chicken consumption have increased by an incredible
combined 3.3%, demonstrating that the current misdirection
of animal rights advocates is promoting increased meat
consumption. The deception continues, and more animals
become victims to the egos of animal rights leaders and
organizations who spend millions of donated dollars
to lobby members of Congress to pass ineffective laws.

Karen Davis gladly accepted her award as Animal
Rights Activist of the Year and made a stirring
speech, while truth reveals that more chickens die
as a result of her efforts to pass compassionate
slaughter laws. People For the Ethical Treatment
of Animals (PETA) cite the success of their
campaign to allow more room per chicken per cage
as evidence that people's eating behaviors can
be modified. PETA is correct. People now eat more
chicken, content that chickens are being treated
humanely. Animal sanctuaries harboring rescued
chickens now deceitfully use funds that were originally
intended to care for animals to lobby Congress to pass
additional laws that will, in the end run, promote the
increased consumption of chicken and beef.

I eat schmoos. Others act like schmos. It's

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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