The rbGH TimeBomb


   Cows have been cross-bred, selectively bred (and served between two pieces of bread with special sauce).
inject left    Cows are also injected with genetically engineered versions of THEIR OWN growth hormones.   These new hormones allow the animal to produce greater amounts of milk.   The NEW milk is different from the OLD milk. inject right
As part of their 55,000 page application to FDA, Monsanto was required to, and did submit a chart identifying every amino acid on the 191 amino acid chain structure of BST.   On that chart, amino acid #144 was represented as being lysine.   It was not.    Monsanto made a mistake.   During the gene transcription process, a freak amino acid was created.   A Monsanto scientist, Bernard Violand, published evidence of this mistake in the July 1994 issue of the journal Protein Science.   The mistake resulted in the production of a substance unlike the naturally occurring bovine protein.   Amino acid #144, lysine, was incorrectly transcribed as a "freak" amino acid called, epsilon-N-acetyllysine.   Shades of Jurassic Park!   Shades of Frankenstein!   Monsanto had created a "Frankenfood!"   FDA allowed that food to enter our food supply.   Monsanto has never officially admitted this error.

This mistake SHOULD have invalidated $500,000,000 worth of Monsanto research... but
dollarsign NO FDA ACTION WAS TAKEN! dollarsign