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Consuming Dairy For Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Post menopausal women sometimes take steroid horomones to
replace what their bodies no longer manufacture. This is
called hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). Female toddlers
also take steroid hormones to replace those naturally
occurring chemicals that have not yet been internally
secreted within their own immature female bodies. Should
little girls be on HRT?

Every sip of cow's milk contains steroid hormones, according
to endocrinologist Clark Grosvenor, who published a list of
59 different hormones found in cow's milk in the Journal of
Endocrine Reviews in 1992.

In her entire lifetime, the average human female
manufactures the equivalent of one-half tablespoon of
estrogen, so it takes only billionths of a gram to exert
powerful behavioral and physiological effects.

Drink cow's milk and you ingest hormones. Ten pounds of milk
are required to make one pound of hard cheese, and twelve
pounds of milk make one pint of ice cream. Concentrated milk
products contain concentrated amounts of steroid hormones.

Drinking cow's milk and eating ice cream are efficient ways
of delivering female hormones to the human body. Nearly ten
million American women practice HRT in the form of Premarin,
which stands for Pregnant Mares' Urine. Why spend hundreds
of dollars for horse estrogen collected from the urine of
pregnant mares and processed into a yellow pill, when you
can eat something equally yellow, aromatic, and delicious
containing cow cheese?

Notable Horomone Replacement Therapy Quotes

"How did it come to be that one of the most commonly
prescribed drugs in the country was used for decades in so
many millions of women before its long-term effects were
ever studied systematically? This is an example of a big gap
in U.S. health care and science policy regarding
prescription drugs. If you are a company and can demonstrate
that your drug works well for some short-term outcome, in
this case it was the hot flashes of the menopause, that drug
can then come to be used in a very widespread way for
indications that really have nothing to do with the basis on
which it was originally approved."

-Dr. Jerry Avorn, Harvard Medical School

"The risks of breast cancer, stroke, heart attack and blood
clots outweigh the benefits for bones. And we have other
drugs we can use to prevent osteoporosis."

-Dr. Maura Parker Quinlana, Univ. of Chicago Hospitals,
 hormone replacement therapy specialist

"This is the biggest bombshell that ever hit in my
30-something years in the menopause area."

-Dr. Wulf Utian, executive director of the North American
Menopause Society of the new hormone replacement therapy

"This is definitive evidence."

-Dr. Deborah Grady,
UCSF of the hormone replacement therapy study findings

"It is a global risk. This is such compelling evidence that
women and their physician ought to be finding a way to get
off estrogen."

-Dr. Deborah Grady,
UCSF of the hormone replacement therapy study findings

"The study results will have a tremendous effect...they
overturn something we've been preaching as 'preventive' for
all these years. All women need to be reevaluated and

-Dr. Michael Fleming, speaker of the congress for the
American Academy of Family Physicians

"We thought it would really prevent heart disease, which is
in fact the number one killer even in women. Now we know
it's not only not going to prevent it, it may make it

-Dr. Norman Lasser, New Jersey Medical School

"The study provides an important answer for generations of
health postmenopausal women to come: do not use
estrogen/progestin to prevent chronic disease."

-Dr. Fletcher & Dr. Graham, Harvard Medical School

"The whole purpose of healthy women taking long-term
estrogen/progestin therapy is to preserve health and prevent
disease. The results of this study provide strong evidence
that the opposite is happening for important aspects of
women's health, even if the absolute risk is low."

-Dr. Fletcher & Dr. Graham, Harvard Medical School

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