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Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team got
creamed by the Sacramento Kings and fell behind 2 games to 1
in the Western Coference finals.

Earlier this week, Lakers star Kobe Bryant got creamed with
a severe case of food poisoning after eating a cheeseburger
and cheesecake.

The Los angeles Laker's coach, Phil Jackson, gave this
nutritional advice to Kobe:

"We told him if he had some chicken soup, he'd be fine."

Not after reading today's column, Phil.

On Thursday (May 23, 2002), the British newspaper GUARDIAN
reported that cow proteins were found in chicken breast

Thirty samples were tested. Seventeen of those samples of
chicken breast meat contained DNA from mammals including
cows and pigs.

The substance that causes Mad Cow Disease is called a Prion.
Prions are not destroyed by cooking. As a matter of fact,
Prions exposed to 1000 degree heat (celsius) in lab tests
cannot be deactivated.

In 2001, 13 billion pounds of dead cow parts were fed to
America's chickens as food.

If you are raising your own chickens, and slaughtering same,
then you fully control their life and death process and are
aware of what you are putting into their bodies and,
ultimately, yours.

If your dead chicken is purchased from a supermarket or from
a Kentucky Fried fast food restaurant, then you have no clue
what went into that bird's body.

More finger-licking good info:

This week, two Alabama scientists presented their own
chicken nuggests of wisdom. These researchers had wondered
about what kinds of bacteria they would identify on grocery
store chicken.

Sulaiman Gbadamosi and Edith Powell found that 92% of the
chicken purchased from supermarkets were contaminated with
bacteria that are found in chicken feces. These bacteria can
cause disease in humans.

The scientists purchased chicken parts, such as wings,
thighs, livers, and legs, from the meat departments of seven
Alabama supermarkets.

They then cultured the bacteria found inside of the packaged
chicken parts and determined that 29% of the bacterial
cultures were resistant to at least one commonly used
antibiotic, and 23% of those samples were reisitant to two
or more antibiotics.

The authors concluded:

"The results of our study suggest extensive contamination of
raw chicken with bacteria known to cause illnesses in
humans, as well as bacteria that are resistant to

I spoke with Dr. Gbadamosi (Sule) and have found him to be a
very passionate man who believes in his work. Despite USDA
pressures to hold back the truth, I believe that Sule will
do whatever it takes to make a difference. After discussing
academic pressures, and possible criticisms from industry,
Dr. Gbadamosi pledged to keep doing what he does. He said:

"Work, I guess that's what it will take to bring things out
in the open."

Please encourage this good man to keep exposing these meat
and milk frauds,

You can reach Dr. Gbadamosi:

Sulaiman Gbadamosi
(334) 727-8940

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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