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The dairy industry is coming dangerously close to
contradicting those values that once made America strong.

Editorials represent the philosophy of those magazines or
newspapers in which they appear.

In the best spirit of editorializing, writers must practice
Shakespeare's often repeated advice:

"To thine own self be true."

For every publication with a Republican slant, there can be
found an equal and opposite publication with a Democratic
bias. There are newspapers extolling the virtues of
Communist, Zionist, Socialist, Palestinian, Racist, Liberal,
Right Wing, Left Wing, Pro-abortion, Anti-Abortion, etc.,
etc., etc. Each editorial writer reflects a spirit true to
his or her own agenda or movement.

In that same spirit, I wish to report to you an editorial
that appears in the current issue of Hoard's Dairyman, the
national dairy farm magazine.

Dairy farmers are proud of their work ethic. I admire
dairymen for who they are. I admire that work ethic and
their high standards of morals and values. It is their
product that I do not like. Dairymen take pride in
traditions that span many generations. It is not unusual to
have dairy farms passed from one generation to the next, and
have grandfather, father, and son working shoulder to

Dairymen believe in the American way, and are strong
supporters of the pioneering lifestyle and philosophy that
once made America strong.

The current issue of Hoard's Dairyman April 10, 2002, volume
147, no. 7) includes this 1885 quote from its founder on the
editoral page (page 280):

"My observation of men is this, that the man who cannot put
his purpose above himself, to that man shall be given no
free, brave stroke. To that man there shall be no power or
position with his fellow men."

Were he still alive, W.D. Hoard would be shamed by an
editorial contained in the current issue.

The subject is milk protein concentrate (MPC).

It is illegal to add concentrated milk protein extracts to
cheese and then label that product as "cheese." Of course,
the dairy industry does this. You will find many Kraft
products in violation of USDA and FDA laws. The same can be
said of cheeses used for some commerical pizzas. one pizza
company, recently exposed by Pete Harden's MILKWEED
explained that the MPC on the discarded bag of powdered
casein stood for "most preferred by customer." Udder

MPC is expensive to produce. The MPC added to American foods
is imported. Much of it comes from Kiev, an area of the
Soviet Union best known for the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
This milk is plentiful and cheap, and so is the powder added
to American foods.

The current issue of Hoard's complains that MPC must be
imported. The editorial writer suggests that the USDA and
Congress are letting American dairy farmers down.

Hoard's wants taxpayers to subsidize domestic production of
this protein powder. They write:

"To make domestic MPC feasible, it will have to be
subsidized one way or another. Food manufacturers will price
shop and buy foreign unless we have adequate manufacturing
subsidies, import protection, or a combination of the two."

MPC is actually casein. Casein is a tenacious glue. Consume
casein, and your body produces histamines, and then mucous.
The more casein Americans eat, the higher are our asthma

The bottom line: Casein is dangerous. More MPC can be
hazardous to one's health. Adding MPC to many milk products
is illegal. Dairymen now promote a policy of begging for
additional subsidies. In doing so, they stray further away
from the American dream that made this nation great. A free
market is a healthy market. When government is forced to
subsidize food production, a fatal flaw develops in a system
gone wrong. The solution cannot be to increase subsidies.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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