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Please do not consider committing an act of agricultural

The stated goal of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) includes
an agenda designed to:

"Inflict economic damage to those who profit from the
destruction and exploitation of the natural environment."

The stated goal of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
includes an agenda designed to:

"Inflict economic damage to those who profit from the misery
and exploitation of animals."

Should America's meat and dairy supply become tainted with
foot and mouth disease, anthrax, mad cow disease, or other
infectious diseases, the consequence of your action will
result in an unprecedented American tragedy.

People will immediately cease eating meat or consuming dairy
products, and that might appear to be a good thing, but it
is not. Millions of animals will have to be slaughtered as
they were in England during last year's foot and mouth
disease outbreak. Such dramatic change will only be
temporary, as it was in Europe. Once the food supply becomes
safe again, people will go back to their old habits and
perhaps eat more meat. Terror does not teach people new
ways. The world must be changed with education and love.

Without meat and dairy, there will be a run on existing
supermarket foods. People will hoard commodities, and there
are no emergency measures that will prevent looting and food

The effects of an act of passion, performed by those with
honorable intentions, might very well backfire by hurting
millions of people very badly.

Please...if you are considering an act of terror and justify
your action as "for the animals," you must reconsider.

This past Monday, March 25, 2002, 140 agriculture industry
representatives met in New York City at the Conference for
Agricultural Bioterrorism and learned that just one case of
foot and mouth disease would probably destroy America's
agriculture industry. One area of discussion at this
conference was a review of law enforcement's role in
combating bioterrorism, and the latest technologies used to
prevent acts of bioterrorism, including sophisticated
surveillance measures.

Three years ago, milk and dairy products in Belgium were
found to contain 100 times the safe level of dioxins. For
one full month, milk, cheese, and meat were pulled from
supermarket shelves. The people of Belgium never again want
to re-live the worst examples of human depravity. People
will do anything to obtain food for themselves and family

The United States Department of Environmental Protection has
not released a dioxin report that reveals greater
contamination in our food supply that even Belgium
experienced. USDA and FDA both fear food riots. For once, I
agree with both agencies. The existing news is horrible, and
is being censored so that such food riots do not occur in
America. The report should not be released.

One day, everybody will eat a plant-based diet. One day, all
people will learn that drinking body fluids from diseased
animals and eating polluted flesh do not do the human body
any good. One day, people will learn that twelve pounds of
diseased and contaminated milk are concentrated to become
one pound of delicious toxic ice cream.

Today is not that day. Too much change too quickly will
create enormous harm. We need a gradual transition to a
plant based diet.

Biological terrorism is not the answer. Agricultural
terrorism will do more harm than good. Should such an event
happen, food will immediately become very scarce.

PLEASE, if you are considering an act that will change the
world in this way, consider all of the consequences.

If we have learned one lesson from the horror of 9/11, we
must face the reality that a small group of motivated
individuals, willing to die for a cause, can defeat billions
of dollars worth of sophisticated security measures.

The animal and earth liberation fronts include individuals
who have unquestionable passions and motivations to change
the world. It is unfortunate that their methods include
violent actions. These controversial people are proud of the
fact that for all the burned buildings and damaged property,
they have never taken a human life.

As an ex-volunteer firefighter, I responded to over 500
calls. I and other firefighters are aware that hundreds of
firefighters have been seriously and permanently injured,
some killed, by responding to false alarms or by acts of
arson. I have zero tolerance for acts of violence.

Animal and earth liberators want the world to immediately
begin the transition to a plant based diet in which living
creatures no longer die. That is mankind's benevolent
destiny. That transition can occur over the course of a few
months or a year, as factory farm owners or small farmers
transition into alternative food growing operations. To
change the world in one day will create a three dimensional
domino effect of unparalleled magnitude.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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