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On Thursday of this past week (1/17/02), Pamela Moore, a New
Jersey teacher, was sentenced to three years in prison for
having had sex with one of her young male students.

Her punishment fits the crime. The dairy industry deserves
the same fate.

Adults teachers having sex with their students are
predators. So too are magazines promoting pedophilia, or
Internet sites selling child pornography. The same sanctions
that make the promotion of child/adult sex should be applied
to the National Fluid Milk Predators.


A few years ago, teen heartthrob Joshua Jackson had a much-
publicized TV affair with his English teacher, Miss Jacobs,
during an episode of 'Dawson's Creek.' Society appropriately
deals with such affairs. Even Miss Jacobs was punished.
There was one industry that applauded the affair, and
promoted child sex with adults through a milk mustache ad 
the dairy industry. Every dairy farmer shares the credit and
guilt for molding the values of children and teachers by
promoting such close encounters.

Joshua Jackson posed with a milk mustache, and sent a
message to his young fans that most adults missed. The text
on his dairy ad:

"I can't help it. Women of all ages look up to me. Why? I'm
6 foot 2. Thanks in part to milk. The calcium helps bones
grow strong. Considering 15% of your adult height is added
when you're a teenager, that's good to know. Especially if
you want to impress, let's say, an older woman."

Imagine the same ad using a teenage girl trying to attract
an older male teacher.

Television and magazine advertisements mold and define the
psyche and morals of a society. The dairy industry message
was that it is acceptable for children to attract and have
sex with older adult teachers.

Before his death, his Eminence John Cardinal O'Connor wrote
a letter to me in which he said:

"I am indeed outraged by the fact that a program would
'glorify' sexual activity between adults and minors. It is
simply another example of the misuse of media and its
harmful effect on our young people."

The Cardinal's entire letter:

Pamela Moore will spend the next 36 months of her life in a
jail cell paying a debt to society. Her crime, as defined by
the judge and prosecutor, is statutory rape. Had I been
Pamela Moore's attorney, the Joshua Jackson ad would have
been Exhibit #1, and the dairy industry would have been
called to testify.

The dairy industry committed the same crime, but on a much
larger scale. They told my three children and your sons and
daughters that the world in which they live welcomes secual
acts between children and adults. The dairy industry told
young boys to drink milk, "Especially if you want to
impress, let's say, an older woman." They sent the same
message to teachers like Pamela Moore.

Can we build a jail cell big enough for their crime?

Additional examples of the dairy industry's use of sex to
sell milk:

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