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Each day, I receive hundreds of EMAIL inquiries, and I can
always count upon receiving at least one question regarding
goat's milk.

On October 10th (Section 14, page 14), the New York Times
promoted goat's milk as an alternative for those who cannot
tolerate cow's milk.

"To Find Goat's Milk and Cheese, Find Some Goats."

The author of that story, Joseph D'Agnese, wrote:

"If your body can't tolerate cow milk, goat's milk often
makes a suitable alternative."

Such a statement might very well be considered medical
advice, and could result in a deadly prescription for one or
more NY Times readers.

Scientific research suggests goat's milk can be just as
dangerous for some consumers as cow's milk.

A team of European scientists led by Dr. Luisa Businco in
Rome concluded that goat's milk is unsafe for infants with
cow's milk allergy. Their study was published in the Journal
of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, June 1999; 103:1191-

The scientists reported:

"The children had positive skin test response to both cow's
milk and goat's milk."

During oral tests in which children swallowed small amounts
of goat's milk, 92% of the children experienced allergic

Eighty percent of the protein in cow's milk is casein, a
tenacious glue and powerful allergen. The authors of this
study report that goat and cow's milk "share 87 percent to
98 percent ( of the) identical amino acids" that make up the
proteins responsible for milk allergies.

Today Lizzy (my 12-year-old daughter) and I played a game.
Although there are 4,700 mammals in the animal kingdom, we
applied the alphabet game and imagined drinking body fluids
from the following:

A = Anteater (Yeech)
B = Badger
C = Cat
D = Dog
E = Elephant
F = Fox
G = Giraffe
H = Human breast milk
I = Impala
J = Jackrabbit
K = Kangaroo
L = Lemming
M = Muskrat
N = Narwhale
O = Orangutan
P = Platypus (Love that PUS)
Q = Quagga (half-zebra, half horse, according to Lizzy)
R = Raccoon
S = Seal
T = Tiger
U = Unicorn (Sorry, Lizzy, they're all gone
V = Vampire bat
W = Walrus
X = (Lizzy claims that there is no X. I asked,
if there is no X, how do we make baby animals.
She didn't get it. I didn't push it.
Y = Yak
Z = Zebra

Milk with cookies sounds disgusting from any of the above,
particularly human breast milk which just so happens to be
nature's perfect food for baby humans. The thought of
drinking human breast mil at my age is beyond comical. It's

Why is it innately disgusting? Because instinctively, we
know that milk from the mother of a specific species of
mammal to her infant is the perfect food for that baby. The
milk contains lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, and other
hormones that were designed for that species.

Why do we LOVE cow's milk?

We've been brainwashed!

No cow's milk for me. No pig's milk yogurt, nor horse milk
ice cream. No dog cream cheese, and certainly no skunk sour

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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