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I enjoy reading the New York Times, whose motto is:

All The News That's Fit to Print

Often times, today's NY Times articles become headline news
in hundreds of other American newspapers one day after the
original publication.

NY Times stories have a special style, and I sometimes find
that the juiciest material can be contained within the final
few paragraphs. Reading a NY Times story to the very end is
like looking for buried treasure.

What gems I've discovered!

Writers take greater latitude at the end of their stories,
often editorializing, often saving the very best quotes for

The Sunday, August 19, 2001 page one headline:

Schools Backing of Behavior Drugs Comes Under Fire by Kate
Zernike and Melody Petersen


The story reports the use of Ritalin and other mood and
mind-altering drugs used to treat kids diagnosed with
attention deficit disorder.

Many pharmaceutical companies work closely with school
systems, exerting unfair pressure and intimidation upon

Some states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Arizona,
Wisconsin and Utah) have introduced bills assuring That such
discussions come only from doctors.

The front page story, continued on Page 30, contains 37

The final four paragraphs tell the most incredible story.

Patricia Weathers of Millbrook, New York, was told by her
son's school to put him on Ritalin when the child was in the
first grade. Four years of medication produced severe
anxiety, and the mother took her son off of the drug. The
school called the New York State Office of Protective
Services, accusing that mother of medical neglect.


Mrs. Weathers will now be home schooling her child. It's
summer, and here are her comments:

You can't tell me they all have this brain disorder during
the school year, when during the summer they're fine.

Mrs. Weathers has actually observed the most critical
evidence regarding her son's ADD, but both she and the NY
Times are clueless.


No thanks to USDA's forced bovine body fluid agenda.

During the school year when a child is in school, he or she
gets milk for breakfast, chocolate milk for snack, macaroni
and cheese or pizza for lunch, and more chocolate milk
before going home from school.

During the summer, this healthier child and millions more
like him no longer have attention deficit disorder. It's
only when they get back to school and back to the state-
mandated dairy diet that ADD returns.

This unfortunate child and millions more like him are
overdosed on bovine hormones during the school year.

Dairy products take away this child's ability to learn.

The NY Times article revealed that in the year 2000, doctors
wrote almost 20 million prescriptions per month for Ritalin
and other ADD medications.



Florida researcher, Robert Cade, M.D., and his colleagues
have identified a milk protein, casomorphin, as the probable
cause of attention deficit disorder and autism.

They found Beta- casomorphin-7 in high concentrations in the
blood and urine of patients with either schizophrenia or
autism. (AUTISM, 1999, 3)

Eighty percent of cow's milk protein is casein. It has been
documented that casein breaks down in the stomach to produce
a peptide casomorphine, an opiate. Another researcher
observed that casomorphin aggravated symptoms of autism.
(Panksepp, J. Trends in Neuroscience, 1979, 2)

A third scientist produced evidence of elevated levels of
endorphin-like substances in the cerebro-spinal fluid of
people with autism. (Gillberg, C. (1988) Aspects of Autism:
Biological Research Gaskell: London, pp. 31-37)

For children with autism, milk may very well be the major
factor. One out of five American children have been
diagnosed with ADD.

One out of five American children take Ritalin.

An alternative therapy? NOTMILK!

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