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Practical romantics appropriately apply this adage:

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Knowledgeable healers appropriately apply this well reasoned

The way to a man's heart attack is through his stomach.

Surgeon Robert Kradjian, M.D., admits that ice cream is
delicious. He tells his patients:

I've heard it described... to die for.


This summer you may have noticed a new trend. Ice cream
stores have been marketing richer and fattier ice creams to

The $5 billion dollar frozen dessert industry is pushing
gourmet (spell that $$$) ice cream.

Most American ice creams contain 10% butterfat. The more
expensive, decadent desserts contain 14% butterfat,and these
delicious treats are saturating America's arteries.

Linclon Lampert, author of Modern Dairy Products, wrote:

Milk fat and the associated lipid material are present in
milk...about 1500 billion or more may be found in a pint of
milk. The fats of plant origin in the cow's diet contain
large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fats are
hydrolyzed in the cow's rumen. The liberated fatty acids are
then converted into saturated fatty acids.

Don Buckley is executive director of the National Ice Cream
and Yogurt Retailers Association in Columbus, Ohio. Here's
what he had to say about consumers' tastes for high-fat ice

It's really a new trend. More people now want the fuller-fat
ice cream. When families go out now, they're really looking
for a reward, and they can get it with this.

Don should be made aware of what his own industry journal
revealed about milk fat. In 1991 (Vol.74;11), the Journal of
Dairy Science reported:

Milk fat has been identified as a cholesterol-elevating fat
because it contains cholesterol and is primarily saturated.

According to Nation's Restaurant News, more than 200 super-
premium ice cream shops are expected to open this year, an
increase of 50 percent.

Pediatrician Charles Attwood, M.D., wrote the following in
his best selling book, Dr. Attwood's Low-Fat Prescription
for Kids:

Dietary fat during childhood may be more life-threatening
than was originally suspected... Overweight children are
usually the victims of the dietary habits of the adult
members of the family.

So, the next time you are tempted to buy your child an ice
cream treat, consider that the way to a kid's heart may be
through his or her tummy too.

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Dairy Education Board

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