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The average American receives nearly 12 times the amount of
calories from dairy products (547 calories per person) each
day as from juice (47 calories per person). Yet, the dairy
industry blames America's obesity epidemic on juice
consumption. Can they get away with this lie? Of course they
can, because June is National Dairy Month.

Stephanie Gopp works for BSMG Worldwide, the billion dollar
PR firm employed by the National Fluid Milk Processor
Promotion Board. Her phone number is 312-988-2262. Her
EMAIL: Stephanie's name is attached to this
bogus news release.

I warned you, folks.

This is day #2 of National Dairy Month, and the past two
days the subject I've addressed is the assault on truth by
those who peddle pus with hormones and glue.

Even I didn't imagine that the dimwitted dairy dodos would
sink this low.

Here's the most recent press release from those who would
have you drink body fluids from diseased animals:


"Increasing Numbers of Children Are Fighting the Battle of
the Bulge"

Milk and dairy foods are high calorie foods laden with
saturated animal fat and cholesterol. They pack an
additional wallop by containing powerful growth hormones.

The dairy industry writes:

"Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions. To help
children maintain healthy weight, parents may be keeping
sight of what's on their kids' plate, but they often
overlook what's filling their glasses."

The milk processors cite Susan Baker, M.D., chairperson of
the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Nutrition.

Dr. Baker's comment:

"Many parents don't realize that many fruit juices contain a
lot of sugar and calories with relatively few nutrients in
return. As a result, kids who drink juice all day long are
depriving themselves of essential nutrients their growing
bodies need."

Aside to Dr. Baker:

Kids don't drink juice all day long.
You're exaggerating, Doc.

1 cup of apple juice vs. 1 cup of milk

Apple Juice = 117 calories, 0.27 gms. fat, 0.0 cholesterol
Milk = 150 calories, 8.15 gms. fat, 33.18 mg. cholesterol

Last year, the average American drank just over 1/2 ounce of
apple juice each day.  (.558 oz)

Last year, the average American drank a total daily juice
consumption of 3.23 ounces.

At the same time, the average American consumed the
equivalent of 29.2 ounces per day of dairy.

Let's summarize:

Total calories from milk and dairy:  547
Total calories each day from fruit juice:  47

Milk also contains powerful growth hormones. Apple juice
contains no growth hormones. The most powerful growth
hormone in a cow's body is identical in structure (70 amino
acids in the same sequence) to the most powerful growth
hormone in the human body.

Children eat cheese. Apple juice is not concentrated into
cheese or ice cream. Ten pounds of milk are required to make
one pound of cheese. Twelve pounds of milk are required to
make one pound of ice cream.

Where are the calories? Where are the obese kids? Compare 47
juice calories to 547 dairy calories and ask yourself how
these lying dairy people get away with it.

Drive by school yards and see the roly-poly children. Where
else on this planet can one find obesity so positively
correlating with poverty? Malnourished children living in
inner American cities receive subsidized dairy products for
breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Their little bodies become
large bodies after consuming a combination of high caloric,
high fat food with growth hormones.

It's June, folks. National Dairy Month, day three. The lies
from America's dairy industry marketing people are more than
just deceptive. They are criminal and they do harm to our


That's not the first time we've seen Dr. Susan Baker's name
attached to a dairy industry press release. On April 2,
2001, milk processors scared America's media into reporting
that there was a rickets epidemic. The following day I
exposed that fraud in my column:

The author of the dairy-sponsored rickets myth discovered
the equivalent of one child in the city of Atlanta
(population 416,000) with rickets. Dr. Baker's support was
critical in spreading this dairy-sponsored lie.

"The World According to Garp" was Robin Williams' much
acclaimed film, which many critics compared to "Catch 22."
This was a comedy/satire/melodrama that captured the
tradedy-comedy-absurdity of American life.  Should American
culture be explored by archeologists in the year 3000, there
will be no better example of man's primitive and
unsophisticated nature than the fact that the practice of
drinking body fluids from diseased animals was considered to
be an essential element of good nutrition by an obviously
brainwashed medical and scientific community.

Today's "World According to Gopp" should be viewed as the
surreal sequel to the original film.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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