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Paul and Linda McCartney once wrote:

"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be

Their words have inspired me to build an internet
slaughterhouse with hidden cameras.

I often hear the rhetorical question, "Is there too much
violence on television?"

My response shocks people.

"No, there's not nearly enough."

Every night, Americans watche 3-4 prime time hours of
sanitized death.  Bang, you're dead.  Actor collapses.
Little or no blood.

In real life, blood fills the room.  The blood flows on the
street.  The victim takes a long time to die.  He or she
wails life's most unforgettable death song. There is nothing
beautiful about a violent death.  A knife to the jugular is
how ten billion gentle creatures will end their lives in
America this year.

When watching thousands of deaths inaccurately portrayed on
television, how could one be expected to transfer our
rejection of violence upon animal slaughter?   The answer?
We cannot.

Death for any creature is the ultimate ending to life.
Violent death is painful, and animals do all within their
power to let the killer experience their passionate
rejection of human brutality.

Would you slash the knife across an animal's throat?  How
different is the dog or the pig or the cow from the man?

Dave Rietz (my brilliant webmaster) designed the
slaughterhouse website.  The People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals and Farm Sanctuary have generously
provided photos and videos of live animal slaughter.  Gail
Eisnitz has sacrificed years of her life, fragile pieces of
her beautiful psyche to covertly work in slaughterhouses and
give humankind glimpses of her undercover videos.

Today I have posted three series of pictures, three animal
deaths.  In the future I will include slaughters of dogs,
cats, horses, sheep, and goats.  Any animals who are killed
so that humans may consume their flesh and body parts will
be included on

Nietzche once wrote:

"You can never understand life until you hold death in your

Perhaps this new website will give you a little more
understanding of the lives we take.  This year, 280 million
Americans will each consume 36 animals. Thirty-four of those
creatures will have wings. One of those creatures will moo.
One will oink. If you have chosen not to eat animals, not to
be responsible for painful death and suffering, you are the
proud owner of an animal sanctuary.  Thirty-six animals live
because of you.  Share this site with a friend.  Build
another sanctuary, and another.  Save 72 animals instead of
just your 36.  Save a million animals this year.  Save a
billion.  Let us share a common goal: to no longer tolerate
violent death.  What a world that would be.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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