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She has no name, just a number.  One day, she'll be ground
into hamburger, but that time has yet to come. This past
year, a 2-year-old Jersey cow in North Carolina produced
47,724 pounds of milk.

Her name is K-93, but she's more than just a number to
dairyman Keith Hockett.  His world record holding cow
produced 5,507 gallons of milk in 365 days. The average
American cow produces less than half that amount (2235

Hocket milks 375 cows on his farm.  They get fed a mixture
of corn silage, soy hull, corn gluten, hominy and whole
cotton seed along with a mineral supplement. K-93 is now
pregnant, so her milk contains enormous amounts of steroid
hormones, a gift to little human girls who are lucky enough
to be receiving her body fluids.

If only moms knew what their kids were drinking. Pregnant
cows throw off more hormones than non pregnant cows.  Their
milk contains enormous amounts of estrogen, progesterone,
and other steroids.  In her lifetime, that little girl will
naturally manufacture the equivalent of just one-half
tablespoon of estrogen.  Who will measure the effects of
daily doses of steroid hormones on her developing body?
Society takes note of the phenomena and is armed with a
solution.  It is not in the best interests of the media to
the truth.  What will happen to bottom lines if milk
mustache ads disappear?

Do the Hockets inject their cows with Monsanto's genetically
engineered bovine growth hormone?  I called their home and
asked that question.  Farmer Hockett was out for the
evening, but his proud wife admitted that rbST (recombinant
bovine somatotropen) was injected into K-93 and many other
cows at the Hockett Dairy Farm.

Try to imagine the size of the udder on a cow who must
produce and carry 15 gallons of milk per day.  One hundred
years ago, the average cow produced just one quart of milk
each day.  K-93 has been bred and treated with powerful
growth hormones to produce six thousand percent more milk
than her ancestors.

The Hockets plan to begin marketing K-93 and selling her
offspring and eggs.  Farmer Hocket has already artificially
inseminated five surrogate mothers with fertilized eggs from
his 1,200-pound super producer.

How healthy would one be to consume the entire output of K-
93's hormone-laced milk?  She produces 130.75 pounds of milk
(2092 ounces) each day.

There are 1.019 grams of fat in each ounce of milk and 4.18
milligrams of cholesterol.  For comparison's sake, one
medium slice of cooked Armour bacon (16 slices to the pound)
contains three milligrams of cholesterol. K-93's daily
contribution to society would include the same cholesterol
contained in 2914 slices of bacon. That's 182 pounds of
bacon!  Just for the record, there are 11.8 grams of fat in
one fast food hamburger.  K-93's daily milkfat would equal
the same fat in 180 burgers.

Poor K-93.  Those udders must be pained.  Do they drag on
the ground and get sores?  The calcium needs placed upon her
body are enormous.  Will she deplete her own bones from
within as do many other hormone injected bovines?
Slaughterhouse workers have no trouble recognizing similarly
stressed cows.  They can break their brittle pelvic bones
with their hands.  Imagine such pain to a 1,200 pond animal,
whose weight cannot be supported by her own skeletal system.
Hundreds of thousands of these animals "go down" each year.
They are called "downer cows" because they refuse to walk
unless prodded...with an electrical cattle prod.

The lovely scene depicted on the side of milk cartons does
not reflect the reality of a cow's life and death.

The skillfully promoted milk advertisements do not reflect
the realities of a lifetime of drinking saturated animal
fat, cholesterol, and powerful hormones.

K-93 should be remembered as more than a number. Her name
should be Athersclerosis, or Malignancy, for that is what
she represents.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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