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Dear Friends,

Have you seen the new Mark McGwire public service TV
announcement? Mark is promoting the bed-wetters hotline by
asking you to call and "hit a home run."

1-888-WAKE DRY

I called, and here's what I got:

"Thank you for calling the national kidney foundation." I
then listened to a phone menu of eight choices, but bed-
wetting was not one of the options.

Two years ago, Mark McGwire posed for a milk mustache ad. He
received a $25,000 fee from the National Fluid Milk
Processors for endorsing milk.

Bed-wetting, or enuresis affects an estimated 7 million
children over the age of five. There is a strong correlation
with bed wetting and milk consumption.

McGwire endorses dairy, and seeks to end bed wetting. He
just doesn't get it.

If you know a child who suffers from bedwetting, or if you
know Mark McGwire, perhaps you could share the following
dozen references:

"Foods suspected to be contributing agents for
enuresis include dairy products..."

"Limit dairy products..."

"Nocturnal Enuresis
Behavior had cessation in their nocturnal enuresis
after dairy products were eliminated..."

"Sensitivities among bedwetters include
certain dairy foods..." (requires a password)

"If the child is not distressed by enuresis and
not yet motivated to begin ... bladder.
Elimination diets, usually limiting dairy products..."

"Eliminate all dairy products and gluten
containing grains..."

"I have a son, 71/2, who has a terrible problem
with enuresis. We discovered last March that
our son is allergic to milk..." (broken link)

"If several exams are negative, the next
thing to do is to eliminate dairy for a month..." (broken link)

"Change diets to combat enuresis (and
constipation, which often accompanies it)
by eliminating dairy and sugar for two weeks..."
8&article_id=808 (broken link)


"Bed-wetting of a pair of identical twins
experience enuresis intolerances to certain
foods--such as dairy products..."

"Correlation between milk and dairy product

"Correlation between milk and dairy product

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Dairy Education Board

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