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Are Eggs Dairy?

Kat Lindstrom wrote:

"Okay I have stopped with milk and butter;
 now I am wondering are there any reasons
 not to eat eggs? Or are they 'okay'?"

Dear Kat,

Eggs are sold in the DAIRY section of the supermarket, but
since they do not come out of a cow's udder, (they emerge
from a chicken's, er, oh, you-know what) I do not consider
them to be dairy.

If giving up milk and dairy products for you represents the
first step of a major dietary change, continue to eat your

I do not personally eat eggs because of health and ethical

I will not discuss the ethical issues here. If you seek more
information in that regard, please visit Karen Davis's site:

I am primarily concerned with your body and your health.

When rotten eggs begin to smell, there is no greater
offensive smell. That's because they contain so much sulfur.
Animal proteins contain an excess of the amino acid,
methionine (which converts to homocysteine). The center atom
of these two aminos is sulfur.

When you eat these animal proteins, they create an acid
condition in your blood. Imagine the essence of stinky
rotten eggs infusing into your bloodstream. We cannot afford
to lose bone density, but this is how your body compensates,
by leeching calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid.
Dr. William Castelli, lead researcher of the Framingham
heart study (America's largest heart study) calls
homocysteine the key to all heart disease.

So, that is why I avoid eggs, even though I once loved to
eat them. Combined with the way they are produced, and the
concentrated chemicals within, I've eliminated them from my

My advice to you: Continue to eat them for now, as they are
a comfort food. Continue to eat them until you completely
eliminate all milk and dairy, and can live comfortably with
that...for at least 30 days. Then consider your

If you were eliminating one food group at a time, with the
goal of eating a plant-based diet as I do, here is the order
that I would advise seeing you give up food groups:

FIRST: Eliminate all milk and dairy
SECOND: Eliminate all poultry and eggs
THIRD: Eliminate all seafood
FOURTH: Eliminate all pork
FIFTH: Eliminate all beef

As a rule, the higher up one goes on the food chain, the
more concentrated are the toxins, heavy metals, pesticides,
dioxins, and PCBs in their flesh and body fluids. Chickens
are so filled with dangerous antibiotics, and the processing
of poultry creates bacteria-filled carcasses, that I place
poultry as the next food group to give up after milk and

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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