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"Milk allergies are very common in children... They are the leading cause of the chronic ear infections that plague up to 40% of all children under the age of six."

Julian Whitaker, M.D., "Health & Healing," October, 1998, Volume 8, No. 10

"Cow's milk allergy is associated with recurrent otitis media (ear infection) during childhood."

Acta Otolaryngol 1999;119(8)

"Breastfeeding protects US infants against the development of diarrhea and ear infection."

Pediatrics 1997 Jun;99(6):E5

"If a bottlefed baby has an ear infection, eliminate milk and dairy products from the child's diet for thirty days to see if any benefits result...a cause of frequent ear infections in children is food allergies."

James Balch, MD, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" ISBN 0-89529-727-2

"Concerning ear infections, You just don't see this painful condition among infants and children who aren't getting cow's milk into their systems."

William Northrup, M.D., Natural Health July, 94

Cow’s milk has become a point of controversy among doctors and nutritionists. There was a time when it was considered very desirable, but research has forced us to rethink this recommendation... dairy products contribute to a surprising number of health problems (including) chronic ear problems..."

Benjamin Spock, M.D., "Child Care," 7th Edition

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