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Dear Ann Landers, I claim to be in medical school training
to be an orthopedic surgeon.  Can I trick you into believing
that, and printing a pro-dairy letter?


Ann Landers recently received a letter offering advice on
how her readers could prevent broken hips, back pain, or
bent over spines.  The letter writer promised that
osteoporosis is largely preventable and was signed: Future
orthopedic surgeon in Virginia.

The future surgeon advised that "adequate intake is one
quart of skim milk, 3 cups of low-fat yogurt, or 1/4 pound
of cheese.

Thirty million American women have been doing that for 50
years and they have osteoporosis.  When a woman goes through
menopause she'll lose one percent of her bone density every
year.  Dietary calcium plays little or no role in preventing


Drink milk and eat cheese.  Is this what is taught in
medical school? That's the prescription for bone disease,
not a prevention.  Perhaps Mr. Medical Student is not aware
of the Harvard Nurse study.  Scientists have learned that
milk and cheese consumption in childhood does not prevent
bone loss.  Women who drank a lot of milk as teens are the
ones who had a higher incidence of pelvic and forearm
fractures as adults.

We cannot imagine that medical schools teach dairy industry
brainwashing.  What we do know is that nutrition is a med-
school elective, not a requirement.


Ann Landers wrote:

"Thank you for sharing your medical school information with
my readers. And bless you for using simple language that
everyone can understand. Tell your professors I gave you an


Of course the letter was written in simple language.  It was
not written by a physician.  It was probably not written by
a medical student. There is no real science supporting the
brilliantly marketed dairy industry calcium myth/lie.
Somewhere, there sits a snickering dairy industry executive,
having fooled Ann Landers into promoting a false and
dangerous agenda designed to sell more milk.  Well,
actually, it's designed to do something more.

Ann Lander's column is designed to keep a future orthopedic
surgeon very busy and very wealthy.  GOT MILK?  GOT BONE

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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