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Juvenile delinquency is directly linked to milk consumption
in an important scientific study.

The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (Volume 7, No. 1,
1995, Melvyn Werbach, M.D.) reviewed the "Aggressive
Behavior Syndrome" in teenage children.  Violent behavior
has many clinical names including Antisocial Personality
Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder, and Oppositional Defiant

When violent teen behavior is directly linked to a specific
food consumed, it is labeled Organic Personality Syndrome.


Aggressive behavior is marked by restlessness, irritability,
impulsivity, and an overall tendency towards violence.

In May of 1995, the Townsend Medical Letter listed eleven
symptoms to milk consumption, including mood swings,
depression, and irritability.

This scientific peer reviewed journal article examined
nutritional factors in violence and quoted the conclusion of
the following study:

"While the research literature suggests that any commonly
ingested food or food additive may be responsible for
provoking pathological psychological and behavioral
reactions, milk may be a special case. Schauss and Simonsen
found that chronic juvenile delinquents consumed much more
milk than matched controls without a history of delinquency.
The male offenders consumed an average of a gallon of milk
daily compared to a little less than a quart a day for the
controls, and the females showed similar differences."

(Schauss AG, Simonsen CE: Critical analysis of the diets of
chronic juvenile offenders: Part I. J. Orthomol. Psychiatry
8(3):149-57, 1979).


Clues from case reports, open trials, observational
(correlational) studies, and animal studies suggest that
attention to nutritional factors may reduce overaggressive
behaviors and the devastation resulting from them. Those
clues, plus the safety of most nutritional interventions,
argue that a nutritional approach should be considered in
the treatment of the Aggressive Behavioral Syndrome.

Thanks to Jerry Fass for bringing this GEM to the attention
of the Dairy Education Board.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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