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Chicago Tribune Reports About the Dairy Education Board's
Complaints Against the Milk Industry


"Got Milk?

Everybody's seen those milk ads:  The celebrity posing with
a smirk and the by now infamous milk mustache.

Harmless, right?  Mildly amusing, right?

Except that a recent ad, featuring 'Dawson's Creek' TV star
Joshua Jackson, has prompted two formal complaints with
federal agencies-saying the ads are 'illegal and immoral.'
The Dairy Education Board's Robert Cohen, who filed a
complaint, contends that the ad glorifies statutory rape.

On the TV show, Jackson plays a high school student who has
an affair with a teacher.

In the milk ad, he poses in a rowboat and recommends milk
because it made him tall (6'2") and irresistible.  So milk
it is, 'especially if you want to impress older women.'

The ad has the archbishop of New York ticked off, as well as
a host of other less well-known clerics, who decry the ad
for glorifying 'sexual activity between adults and minors.'

The Dairy Education Board, which started the whole protest,
is an advocacy group avidly devoted to one cause and one
cause only:  To get Americans to stop drinking milk."

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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