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 FRIDAY - JULY 3, 1998


 Happy Fourth of July weekend!  What could be more American than a slice
of apple pie a la-mode covered with whipped cream and accompanied by a
tall glass of ice cold frothy milk?  The dairy industry would have you
believe that by eating such a snack you are ingesting "great protein."

 Let's investigate the most abundant milk protein, casein.

 CASEIN is a tenacious glue.  Eighty-seven percent of milk is water. 
Four percent of the remaining thirteen percent is CASEIN.  The furniture
in your home is held together by this powerful glue.  So too is the
label affixed to a bottle of beer.  If you are a beer drinker, try
scraping that label off this weekend.  That will be no easy task and
quite a learning experience!

 Food manufacturers have long understood that glue holds foods together
giving them a firmer and more concrete appearance.  It is no coincidence
that each of the major tuna fish manufacturers have elected to put
nature's perfect glue in their little cans.  Open that tin and expect to
eat tuna?  Got milk?  Got glue!  Starkist Tuna (Sorry, Charlie), Bumble
Bee Tuna and even Chicken of the Sea all use this tenacious glue.  Why
do they put milk in our tuna fish?  It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!

 Can we ever look at Hostess Twinkies the same way after learning that
CASEIN is used as the binding agent?  American's munchie cravings are
satisfied by Ring Dings and Yankee Doodles...all containing this most
powerful bovine glue.  Why do they do that to us?

 How can glue be used in the name of good health?  "Healthy Choice"
foods sells a product called Garlic Chicken Milano which contains
casein.  Certainly not my idea of a healthy choice!  Heinz sells a "Home
Style" gravy called "Chicken Classic."  They put this CASEIN-glue in
their home-style product.  Is that the way you cook home-style foods? 
Weight Watchers promotes a line of products called "Smart Ones."  Their
Strawberry Royal contains gluey CASEIN.  Is it really a smart choice to
eat glue to lose weight?  I'll bet that this glue does quite a bit more
than just stick to the ribs!  Not to be outdone, suppliments like Slim
Fast and Ensure have each added CASEIN-goo to their special foods. 
Ensure boasts, "#1 Doctor Recommended... Complete balanced nutrition." 
I'd like to have a word with those doctors and give them all a second
opinion.   Slim Fast sells "Jump Start, the natural way to lose weight
fast."  They put CASEIN in Jump Start.  How does one lose weight by
eating glue?  Perhaps your intestines are internally cemented and no
food can be absorbed.  Doesn't seem real healthy to me.

 A review of cereals reveals only one product that contains CASEIN,
Special K.  Now, revealed for the first time, What it is that really
makes Special K so special?  It's glue!

 The ultimate assault on logic and insult of our sensibilities can be
found in many non-dairy creamers.  The front container of Carnation's
milk substitute contains a lie and should be taken off the market,
revealed as a fraud.  The rear of that container reveals that sodium
caseinate; a milk derivative is a component of this "non-dairy" product
.  How can they get away with this?  Dry Coffee-Mate perpetrates a
similar deception... all in the name of good health.

 One of the few truly offensive racial stereotypes still adorns a
supposedly healthy food product.  Aunt Jemima is no liberated African
American woman of the nineteen-nineties.  She represents a better and
simpler era to some... a time when women belonged in the kitchen
producing stacks of pancakes for men to eat.  Can you imagine that a
component of Aunt Jemima's secret recipe was glue?  Read the label. 
That's just what is in those pancakes.

 What would America's foods be without this powerful adhesive glue? 
Would they be as attractive?  NO!  Would we have as much congestion and
mucus and asthma resulting from histamines produced to combat this
allergenic protein?  Food for thought!

 Have a wonderful Fourth of July picnic and remember to carefully READ

Robert Cohen
Executive Director
Dairy Education Board

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