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AFRICAN-AMERICANS learn that MILK is a Deadly Poison

A State Senator's ANTI-MILK Campaign

      State Senator Dianne Wilkerson of Massachusetts has great courage. She has joined the Dairy Education Board in condemning milk and dairy products for the children living in her district.


      State Senator Dianne Wilkerson obtained her law degree from Boston College Law School in 1981. She is the Chairperson of the Joint Committee of the State Administration and the Vice-Chair of the Joint Committee on Local Affairs. Senator Wilkerson also serves on the Commerce and Labor, Joint Ways and Means, Senate Ways and Means and Joint Special Committee on Redistricting.

She represents Boston's Second District, and recently made headline news in an article appearing in the Boston Globe. That article then appeared on the AP newswire and was re-printed across America.


      I recently spoke with the honorable Senator. I had spoken just a few days earlier at Muhammad's Mosque in Boston, invited by Brother Abdul- Jabbar Muhammad, host/producer of the Hour of Power on radio 1090 AM WILD in Boston. I was a guest of the Nation of Islam. One week prior to my visit, I was a guest on Brother Jabbar's radio show. That is when Senator Wilkerson first heard me.


      Ninety-five percent of African-Americans cannot tolerate lactose. Pizza and ice cream taste delicious on the way into their bodies. Lactose is a sugar and most people need the enzyme (lactase) to break down lactose into glucose and galactose. Intact, this sugar is broken down in the intestines by bacteria and the results are gas, bloating and intestinal distress.

Casein represents eighty percent of milk protein. This tenacious glue causes histamine production, the body's natural defense against an invading antigen. Your antibodies result in mucus, and plenty of it. Inner-city school systems like Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles have very large populations of African-American students. In New York City, 38 percent of homeless children and 23 percent of kids in the Bronx schools have asthma. Got milk? Got cheese? These kids do, particularly chocolate milk.

Milk contains powerful hormones. Rates of sexual maturity in children are astounding endocrinologists and behavioral psychologists. A recent study revealed that eighty percent of nine-year-old African-American girls had breast development.

Children are becoming overweight at an early age. By eating growth hormones in combination with animal fat, the body has a way of listening to the signals of those chemical messengers: GROW!

One out of five children has attention deficit disorder (ADD). A recent study in the Journal of Autism linked ADD with a milk protein, casomorphin.


      Many children of color live below the poverty level. In its wisdom, the United States Department of Agriculture provides free food and nutritional programs for these kids. In its lack of wisdom, USDA has chosen milk and dairy products to be the major components of these kid's diets. These children now receive free breakfasts of cereal with milk, free lunches of chocolate with macaroni and cheese or pizza. A free snack before they go home is more chocolate milk.


      Milk buffers gastric pH so that food in the stomach ferments and putrefies. Kids drink hormones and act irritable. In May of 1995, the Townsend Medical Letter listed eleven symptoms from milk consumption including mood swings, depression, and irratibility.


      The Boston Globe (Karen Hsu) reported that Senator Wilkerson has recommended a $50,000 grant in next year's budget to review school breakfast and lunch programs. The Senator made this recommendation after looking a "gift horse in the mouth." The Post Cereal Company had offered the Boston school system and other cities large quantities of free cereal.

"Cereal? That means they will have to have milk," said Wilkerson.

"It's crazy we should be giving urban children milk when such a high proportion of them are children of color," she says.

Minority children make up 84 percent of the 63,000 students in Boston public schools, according to a school spokesperson.

In Boston, elementary school children are required to take the milk, although doctor's letters can get them out of that requirement.

Boston schools offer Lactaid milk as an alternative. In other words, children are given the antidote so that they might take the poison. There is no casein-free milk. Nor is there a hormone-free milk. Poor kids. Take away their ability to learn and make them sick by overdosing them on hormones with glue.

Got milk? Got asthma, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, mood swings, depression, irritability, and hormones. Thank you, Senator Wilkerson.

Let the Senator know how much you appreciate her work!


      Dozens of readers sent copies of the Boston Globe article. Our thanks to Nan Taska for faxing the actual newspaper article to the Dairy Education Board.

Robert Cohen author of:   MILK - The Deadly Poison
Executive Director
Dairy Education Board

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