By Robert Cohen Executive Director Text
Happy Cow Stuff!

"CowParade 2000" has kicked off its New York City invasion with five-hundred life-sized fiberglass cow sculptures grazing in New York City parks and on sidewalks.

The cows are the brainchild of CowParade Holdings Corporation, headquartered in West Hartford, Connecticut, that call it:

"The biggest event of the Moo-llennium."

It's all about money, and somebody is getting rich (sponsors pay $9000 per cow) with these non-pooping icons of America's meat and milk industry.

The media and business community will get in on the craze by marketing t-shirts, mugs, and toys. FAO Schwartz is an official sponsor of the CowParade. The exterior of their store contains an enormous sign, promoting the event. GOT BUILDING PERMITS?

Today's New York Times (June 14, 2000)is just a harbinger of things to come. Section One (page A-16) contains a Sotheby's auction ad with a photo of Andy Warhol's "COW."

The Dining Out section also contains a cow drawing, a Holstein wearing a bell and cowboy hat, strategically placed a few column inches above an advertisement for OMAHA STEAKS & filet mignons.

When you see the beautiful cow structures, please observe a moment of silence in respect for those beleaguered bovines. The soft muscles on their upper backs are destined to become filets. Their ribs will be your steaks, and their udders and anuses your hamburgers. Their cheeks and eye sockets taste delicious on sesame seed buns with special sauce. The eyes and intestines become your sausages, and the nose smells sweet in your New York City Sabrett hot dog.

Three million dairy cows are sent to the slaughterhouse each year. When you see a cow on parade, imagine for a moment its terror as it is loaded onto a crowded truck. It is then driven many miles in the middle of the night to its death. Some animals do not make it that far. They cry. They scream. Those unlucky enough to survive the trip are unloaded, and go up the ramp to their final fate. Stun gun, sharp knife, meat hook; some are boiled alive as the blood still drains from the wounds in their necks. The adrenaline permeates their flesh.

Cows conceive their young so that they can lactate for 15 months. Their young suffer one of two fates. Female calves grow up to become cows and the males are confined to small crates and sold as veal. Their deaths are anything but pleasant. Their lives are equally unpleasant. Separation of child from mother is the most heart-wrenching torture practiced by civilized men. Their cries are heard throughout the night by farmers and their children who keep this dirty little secret to themselves..

Cows on Parade. A hypocritical tribute to man's inhumanity against animals.

NOT happy Cow!

Robert Cohen