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Banned from Boston!

Banned in Boston

This coming Saturday (October 19th), Boston will play host
to a wonderful all-day vegetarian conference, but I will not
be there.


The Notmilkman has been banned in Boston.

I have criticized their hypocrisy before, and they do not
appreciate receiving an all expense paid guilt trip to hell
for selling out for dollar$.

The conference organizers choose to sponsor a semi-
vegetarian conference, and without cheese sponsorship, there
would be no conference.

Every one of the principal food sponsors markets cheese.

Harvest Co-Op Market sells organic cottage cheese, organic
creamy soups, and organic chicken broth. Their Danish
havarti cheese (which they call "Denmark's finest") is only
$3.99 per pound.


Annie's Homegrown

Another major sponsor, Annie's Homegrown, sells a line of
macaroni and cheese products made with:

"...real cheese and 100% durum semolina pasta. We offer nine
tasty varieties of our totally natural mac & cheese,
including versions for those with big appetites and those
looking for a quick snack."

A third sponsor, Rite Foods, is best known for their line of
cream cheese spreads, caviar, smoked fish, and salmon. They
also sell a vegetarian pate, Aubergine, and their website
promotes the product this way:

"It is equally good with meat, chicken or fish entrees.
Spread some Aubergine Pate on a hot dog, a burger or

Whole Foods

A major portion of Whole Foods Supermarkets is reserved for
the marketing of cheeses and meats. You cannot find buffalo
steaks or wild pheasant in most grocery stores, but rare and
exotic species, sold as organic, are to be found at Whole

Does Whole Foods Market sell raw milk cheese?

Their Internet website answers that question:

"Yes, Whole Foods Market (WFM) does sell raw milk cheeses.
By law the products must be aged 60 days.

WFM is a member of a coalition called Cheese of Choice
Coalition. The FDA was working to totally outlaw raw milk
cheese. The basic principles of the cheesemaking process
dictate that cheese be heated. This heat does destroy some
of the bacteria."

Reading that blurb leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The Boston Vegetarian society leaves a bad taste in my
mouth, too.

Not only have I been banned from appearing as a speaker, but
I have been told that I will not be allowed to attend the
show. Many months ago, I tried to make arrangements to
appear with the SoyToy soymilk machine. After all, it is a
vegetarian show, right? I was told that my presence or
SoyToy would not be tolerated.

See what happens to somebody writing about the harmful
effects of carrageenan, a vaseline-like emulsifier added to
SILK soymilk? SILK is now owned by the largest dairy
processor in America, Dean Foods. SILK will be attending the
Boston Vegetarian Society's Dairy Show. The Notmilkman will
not. The SoyToy will not be shown to people who come seeking
alternatives. More on carrageenan:

The Boston Vegetarian Society turned sour long ago. It is
now rancid. Should you attend, do not eat their cheese.

Those who simultaneously promote cheese consumption and
animal rights/vegetarian issues should read any one or more
of the animal rights essays appearing in the center column

See one good example:

The dairy industry represents the most abusive and least
compassionate part of the farm industry. Those vegetarian
groups promoting cheese consumption are as bad as those who
market milk and dairy products for a living. They betray
children, who know no better. They betray the animals, who
suffer and die so that they can raise money to promote this
vicious cycle.

Let Evelyn Kimber of the Boston Vegetarian Group know that
her policies make you sick to your stomach:

Evelyn B. Kimber
P. O. Box 38-1071
Cambridge, MA 02238-1071
Tel: 617-424-8846

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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