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The Baby Had a Dairy Allergy

Elizabeth Steinweg wrote:

Good Morning Robert! Thank you so much for your refreshing
daily reminders of how we can all do without cows milk. My
son has a dairy allergy. He is now 3-1/2 and quite healthy!
However, when he was a baby, he would wake up several times
each night and make lots of noise.

It made things difficult and we were very concerned about
his sleep disorders. Even into toddler hood, we also noticed
he would get these coughs and wheezes that wouldn't go away
for weeks and weeks. His nose would run and he was one
miserable creature! I have known for some time about the
detrimental effects of dairy on the population but we were
still consuming it in moderate amounts.

One day, after reading one of your articles on snotty nosed
kids, I decided we were finished! We don't buy anything with
dairy anymore--even lactose in seasonings, casein in "non-
dairy" cheeses, etc. We tested our son by allowing him to
have very small quantities of dairy over a 3 month period
just to see if this is what was causing his constant
congestion...sure enough, every time he had some, he plugged
up.  So we knew for sure that we needed to quit consuming
cow juice.  After all, it was made for cows, not humans,

In the process of ridding our home of this poison, the rest
of us have felt better as well. We don't seem to be getting
the colds and "allergies" that we used to when we ate dairy.
Grant, my son, is now breathing easy and his nose is so
clear, it's freaky! Tiffany, my daughter (almost 8), hasn't
been sick for many months and seems to be fighting off the
"bugs" that many of her classmates are getting without much

I might add, we eat as healthy as we can in other domains as
well. Whole grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables pretty much
comprises our diet and I'm finding so much more variety in
the vegan way of eating than ever before!

Occasionally, we feel the need to have something that's
quick and convenient and can be used for special occasions.
I found this place called:
that has made this transition much easier in many ways.
Everything in her repertoire is dairy and egg free. They are
dry mixes that are very convenient to use and very tasty
too! So far, we've had the corn bread, chocolate pudding,
chocolate cake, and pancake and waffle mix. Yum! Yum!

How refreshing to be able to make a chocolate cake for my
kids' birthdays that's safe for everyone! The corn bread is
very fluffy and the chocolate pudding is smooth and silky.
Try some and see what you think!

If you like them, you may want to pass the site along to
your readers. I'll leave that part up to you--I am not
benefiting in any way personally by passing this along--only
wanting others to benefit from this find!

Thanks again for your conviction and determination in
getting the word out...God Bless!

Elizabeth Steinweg (lady with happy, healthy, dairy free
children and husband)

Thanks for your NotMilk testimony, Elizabeth!

Robert Cohen, author of:   MILK A-Z
Executive Director (
Dairy Education Board

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