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What are the alternatives?

   The alternatives are many... and all are healthful.  I must note that
a very small percentage of humans have allergic reactions to peanuts, the
gluten in grains, and at least five humans (out of 6.3 billion) are allergic
to water.  So... the following does not apply to those few unfortunate souls.

   Soy, wheat, rye, oat, barley, millet, amaranth, corn, etc..  Then there
are any of the nuts... almond, walnut, cashews, peanuts, pistachio,
etc..  OR ... any combination of those seeds/nuts.

   NOTMILK does not promote commercial soy products because of their chemical
processes and/or additives such as carrageenan (a carcinogen and stomach
ache maker read

   NOTMILK DOES promote making your own plant milks (or pea/bean soups) from
scratch (hard dry beans and other known ingredients) to finished product in
less than 30 minutes... for a mere fraction of the cost of commercial

   With my SoyToy I can make a half gallon of fresh soymilk for around eight
cents per quart or 16 cents per SoyToy batch.  Even with flavorings and/or
sweeteners the cost less than 25 cents per half gallon.

   Store bought soymilk will run from $2.50 to over five dollars per half
gallon (that is a minimum of ten times more in commercial cost). for a lot of solid info on soy for info on soy and the SoyToy rebuttal to anti-soy disinfo

   The beauty of soy milk is that it is bland enough (which many folks
don't like) that you can use any number and variety of flavorings and
sweeteners to make it as you like.  At an initial cost of less than 16
cents a batch (half gallon) you can certainly afford to experiment.  My
favorite mix is:

   4 ounces of fresh hard dry non-GMO organically-grown soybeans
   2 tablespoons of amaranth seeds (
   1 tablespoon of fresh whole flax seeds (excellent for omega 3/6 acids)
     perhaps a few almonds or other nuts

   I put the finished milk into a blender (half gallon) and add a half
teaspoon of sea salt and a quarter cup of safflower oil... and turn it on
high for around five minutes.  The end product looks, sheets (on the side
of the container), bubbles, pours and for all intents and purposes IS the
same as cows milk... but *WITHOUT* 59 hormones,  49% of calories from
animal fats (all that tasty stuff), the cholesterol of 17 slices of bacon
per cup, traces of up to 53 antibiotics, 200 times the safe levels of
dioxins, blood, pus, feces, allergenic proteins that are linked to diabetes
mellitus and ADD, and more.  Instead... everything in this freshly made
soymilk is healthy.  For those exposed to anti-soy disinformation I point
to http:/ for the real truth... or my anti-soy rebuttal

   Before drinking I add a capful of vanilla per 8 ounce glass... and
add a sweetener such as stevia (low glycemic) or other safe sweetener.
Aspartame is NOT a safe sweetener!  See ...
my 500 page web site in WHY aspartame is unsafe for *everyone*.

   Of course, there are also fresh home-made fruit juices (pasteurized
juices are "dead" but expensive flavored waters), and clean water (not
purified but cleaned say with reverse osmosis).


Dave Rietz, WEBmaster
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